Bainbridge Ride 2015

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This page is for planning a bike-camping trip with friends with kids. It's short and is basically a personal copy of FamilyRide!

Basic info[edit]

When: (Tentative) 9/19/2015 (Saturday) to 9/20/2015 (Sunday).

Where: Fay Bainbridge Campground.

How: By bike and ferry!

  • Mako and Mika will aim for the 2:05PM ferry and come back by 11AM on Sunday.


  • Bike over and play on the beach. Make fire and cook dinner.


  • Mika (206-890-5155)
  • Mako (206-409-7191)


801 Alaskan Way Pier 52
Seattle, WA 98104



Ferrys cost $8 for adults and $4.00 for youth 6-18. There is a $1 bicycle surcharge. You can pay in cash, with a credit card, or with your ORCA card.

Saturday (9/19): Ferry schedule from Seattle to Bainbridge here.

  • Let's plan for taking the 2:05PM ferry which means it will be prudent to arrive at the ferry dock by ferry terminal by 1:50PM or so. Mika and Mako will plan to leave the Fremont Bridge at 1:15PM if you want to take that ferry and are going to bike to the ferry that way. A few people will join us for the ride and fun on the beach but will head back home in the evening.

Sunday (9/20): Ferry schedule from Bainbridge to Seattle here

  • It looks like may be drizzle by late morning so reasonable ferries will be at : 9:35, 10:25, and 11:30. Mako is has an event at UW at 11:30 he should be there for so he'll try to make the 9:35 back.

Crossing times are 35 minutes.


We will camp at Fay Bainbridge Campground.

15446 Sunrise Dr NE
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

We can reserve spots 10 days or more in advance. If nobody makes reservations by 9/9, it'll be first-come first served. We can call and check with the campsite on 9/10 and see how many spots are left for 9/19?

As of 9/16, 14/15 campsites are available. There's a chance that people come on Friday night and camp but there should be enough sites left.

We can get firewood at the campsite.

Whoever arrives there first should get the best spot for us!

Stuff to bring[edit]

  • There is a grocery store about 3 miles from the campsite.

To share

  • fieldroast celebration (Mika&Mako)
  • instant food (Mika&Mako)
  • cornbread (Mika&Mako)
  • Vegetarian bean chili or vegetable soup (Noah & Sarah) (cheese on the side, plus some kind of spicy stuff)
  • Oatmeal + nuts and berries for breakfast (Ariel)


  • tent
  • sleeping bags
  • ground sloth (cloth) if it's going to be wet.
  • towels
  • baby stuff


Help needed[edit]

If anybody needs help from others, note here.

  • Ariel might need help carrying his tent!
    • How big is your tent? We have two cargo bikes that you can use that can probably carry your tent. Or If it can fit on our rear racks, we'd be happy to carry it for you (Mako&Mika)


  • Mika and Mako
  • Andres, Anna, Atom?
  • Sarah, Noah, Logan
  • Ariel
  • Ana?
  • Pingping and Carl (just Sat)

Inspired by[edit]

This trip was inspired by this family ride.