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ELS would like to host a Thanksgiving dinner again! If you'd like to join us, please add your name and any food/drink items you'll be bringing below. We have a large kitchen, so feel free to come by early and cook your food here.


Directions, parking, and mass transit information is available online here:



November 23 2017.

If you're not cooking at our place, plan to arrive around 3PM, so we have time to heat up and do one of those big lunch/dinner meals people do (start eating by 4PM). You're also welcome to cook at our place - just let us know in advance. We should be wrapped up by early evening.

Who's Coming[edit]

Add your name to the list below if you are planning on coming:

  1. Mako
  2. Mika
  3. Bryan
  4. Lucy
  5. Will (⬆ a full set!)
  6. Carter
  7. Winnie
  8. Odette
  9. Jerry
  10. Chris (Will's friend)
  11. Nate (Mako's brother)
  12. Hannah
  13. Bernie
  14. Gabe
  15. Pirate (will be late)
  16. Nazz (Hannah's friend)
  17. Sart
  18. Cora (Sart's friend)
  19. Maggie
  20. Jesse (Maggie's friend)
  21. Gary
  22. Jean
  23. Dale (Gary's brother)
  24. Morgan, Eina and ☆Sora☆ (will stop by for an hour or so at pre-dinner time)
  25. Mark (Lucy's friend)
  26. Tanmay (Lucy's friend)
  27. Nicole(sart's friend)
  28. Salt (will spend a couple of post-dinner hours and graze on leftovers)

Dishes and other stuff you'll be bringing[edit]

When planning your dish, keep in mind that most of the ELS folks (and many of the guests) are vegetarian. As a result, if you can, we really appreciate it if you try to keep things vegetarian.

It sounds like there will be a small amount of turkey for folks that want to do that.

Here's a full list with pictures from a previous thanksgiving that shows how everything was vegetrian and almost every food item was vegan.

You can add items that you want to make and add your names by the items.


If anybody has allergies or other dietary restrictions (beyond simply being vegetrian), please note them here or email Mika & Mako.

  • Walnuts -Maggie
  • There will potentially be one small puppy and one very well behaved black lab in attendance. Please comment here if you have dog-related concerns (allergies, etc). Thanks!

Protein and Sauce[edit]

  • Seitan loaf (Mako)
  • Tofurkey (Mika caught one!)
  • Vegetarian Groovy Gravy (if necessary, Mako)
  • Cranberry sauce (Hannah)
  • ( turkey ) (Carter & Winnie)
  • Mushroom sauce-y/gravy thing (Mark)
  • Vegan sausage in fresh tomato sauce (Tanmay)


  • coconut mashed yams ( GF & vegan) - Odette
  • mashed potatoes (bnewbold)
  • brussel sprouts caesar (lucy)
  • some kind of gratin (lucy)
  • broccoli- Mika
  • bees, ladybugs, spiders on a log - Mika
  • grapes - Mika
  • Yams, peaches, and whole cranberry sauce (vegan but not GF) -Maggie

Other savory items[edit]

  • bread(Butterhorns) (Carter and Winnie)-Final baking on site
  • maybe savory bread pudding - (Mika)
  • cheese - Morgan
  • Stuffing (Mark)


  • Candied pumpkin (GF & vegan) -Odette
  • pecan/date shortbread bars - odette
  • aged fruitcake (lucy)
  • pie (will)
  • Apple/ginger/pear pie -jerry


  • Wild Turkey (750ml) because it's not thanksgiving without turkey Mako
  • Dessert wine (Gabe)
  • Rum (Sart)


Move stuff from this list to the one above if people pick it up or commit to bringing it:


  • stuffing
  • cheeses
  • green vegetable or fruit
  • yellow/orange vegetable or fruit
  • blue/purple vegetable or fruit
  • red vegetable or fruit
  • white vegetable or fruit
  • confused vegetable or fruit


  • egg nog


Mako: 206-409-7191

Mika: 206-890-5155

Food for thought from previous thanksgivings[edit]

The list was taken from previous years' Thanksgiving pages:

Here are some ideas for vegetarian Thanksgiving dish ideas.