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Rent Payments[edit]

Date Amount Whom Note
2019-06-03 5495.00 willscott Holding/SecDeposit
2019-06-05 5495.00 bnewbold First full month (not pro-rated)
2019-07-01 2930.67 lucylw Second month (pro-rated for June)
2019-07-26 5495.00 mako Rent for August
2019-08-30 5495.00 mako Rent for September
2019-09-30 5495.00 willscott Rent for October


Thing Whom Note
Internet willscott $65/m w/ centurylink business
PGE lucylw
Seattle City Light mako/mika (signed up on 2019/08/26)
Garbage/water/sewer via owner mika/mako


Date Amount Whom Note
2019-08-09 $93 mika/mako housecleaning
2019-08-09 $-2000 mika/mako E payment