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This page lists the books that are current checked out of The Acetarium's library.

Book Patron Checkout Date Note
My Cousin, My Gastroenterologist by Mark Leyner User:Sj 2009-04-04
Genesis and Development of a Scientific Fact by Ludwik Fleck User:Sj 2009-04-04
Et tu, babe! by Mark Leyner Avi 2009-06-20
Horseman of esophagus Hanna Wallach 2009-09-28
House of Leaves Seth Woodworth 2009-12-12 Jeff's Copy. Make sure to get it back.
Pleasures and Sorrows of Work Daf 2010-02-12
The Art of the Infinite Christine 2010-02-12 (a long time ago)
Western Massachusetts Bike Map Daf 2010-04-24
Murakami - Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman Adam White 2010-05-10 Contact: kadamwhite@gmail / 401-575-7829
Human Diversity Erik Garrison 2012-02-24
Code by Lessig Débora Leal 2013-04-05
The Clock of the Long Now Bryan Newbold 2018-08-22

Other stuff:

  • Erik Garrison: Mate Gourd
  • Aaron has more(?)
  • Henry has some (Luther Blisset's Q and 'Raw Sharks Texts and more)