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Millstone Buying Club Order Delivery

Important numbers[edit]

UNFI phyone number (We are served by the Chesterfield Branch)
Millstone Cooperative customer number at UNFI
Oren (Co-coordinator @ Millstone)

If you run into problems (e.g., if UNFI tells you that no order received), call Oren or Joe.

To do[edit]

1. Check delivery date on the website.

- Log onto coop order - Click on View Delivery Times

2. Check delivery time on the delivery date.

- Between 8 to 9 AM on the day of delivery, call UNFI and ask for "transportation department for Chesterfield" to an operator.

- Ask about the delivery time and give your phone number to them for today's delivery (they only keep Millstone's phone number on their record).

3. Get in.

- Ring all 3 bells.

- If that doesn't work, get the key (ask others for details).

- Keep doors locked after getting in.

4. Receive delivery.

- Delivery person is usually Jeff.

- Packages go at the bottom of the stairs.

- Two things under a stack of white paper on the shelf near the front door.

  • check for UNFI
  • a list from the coop order

- Give the check to the delivery person. If there are missing items, s/he will tell you and calculate the new amount for you.

5. Sort the packages.

- Upon receiving the packages, sort stuff out based on the 5 letter codes on boxes. Write down the 5 letter codes on sheets of white paper and place on top of appropriate piles of orders.

-- Make sure to check the code. All packages say Millstone but they're not all for Millstone house.

-- Exceptions to the codes:


- It means split among houses.

- Look on the order on the website to figure out.

- Write down all the relevant house names on a sheet of paper and place on top of the item. (i.e. ABCDE/FGHIJ) You do not need to split them.


- A box with stuff description on the back of the order/printed that will list what there (I can't quite decipher. Asking Joe for more info).