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Extraordinary Least Squares will be hosting a thanksgiving feast at the Hill Family Compound on Mercer Island on Thanksgiving Day. The address:

6805 SE 32nd Street
Mercer Island, WA

Even the least square members, affiliates, and auxiliary appendages are welcome along with their children, families, and extended family. Please come! The house is very large and we have room for everbody.

If you need to coordinate on the day of, these phone numbers might be useful:

  • Home phone # 206-232-8918
  • Mako: 206-409-7191 (Mobile)
  • Winnie: 206-310-0431 (Mobile)
  • Carter: 206-409-7598 (Mobile)


There will be a few cars headed over from various areas of Seattle. If you need a ride or if you have extra room in your car, please let people know. If no response here, please email community@leastsquar.es.

  • Mako and Mika could use a ride from Fremont
  • Tom will need a ride, probably from Fremont
  • Sean and family have room for 2. We'll be coming from West Seattle/Fauntleroy
  • Lucy+Bryan have a car and can give a couple rides from UD/Fremont area

Make it Veg*n?[edit]

The dinner will not be vegetarian (rumor is that there will be a turkey) but bear in mind that many of the people attending will be. If you can, try to make your dishes vegetarian or vegan so anybody attending can eat them.


The vague plan is for folks to start arriving around early afternoon (say, after 1pm) and to plan to try to eat around 4pm for one of epic late-lunch/early dinner meals. We should be done by 7-8pm. There will be drinking and essential snacking interspersed throughout the day so feel free to arrive earlier!

The Hill Family Compound includes two microwaves, four burners, and one oven. Coordinate with Mako or others if the plan is to cook food there. Otherwise, plan to arrive by 3:30 with your food and we can heat it up before eating.

Dishes and other stuff you'll be bringing[edit]

By the law of potlucks, if everybody who comes brings enough food for themselves, we should enough food for everybody and plenty of variety. You can add items that you want to bring/make and add your names by the items in the lists below:

Meat(ish) Things and Accouterments

  • tofurducken (if we can't find mock duck, maybe just tofucken) (Mika)
  • home-made seitan roast Mako
  • groovy gravy Mako
  • turkey (Hills)
  • Hummus Mako
  • moar hummus (A³)


  • butterhorn rolls (Winnie)
  • wild rice salad (A³)
  • Gluten-free Mac-n-cheese (southern style) Liz & Tommy
  • stuffing (vegetarian)! (lucy, bnewbold and co)

Veggies and Fruits

  • something involving squash, probably (Tom)
  • Sweet potatoes and apples (Winnie/Carter)
  • Baked potatoes (Vegan and Stuffed) (Winnie/Carter)
  • Stuffed mushrooms (Winnie/Carter)
  • Brussel spouts (Winnie/Carter)
  • Spinach salad with anchovy dressing (Bonny)
  • Arugula carrot salad (vegan) (Bonny)
  • cranberry sauce (A³)
  • vegetarian souvlaki Mako (stop snickering CDSW mentors)


  • seasonal muffins: apple, pumpkin spice, and chocolate butternut squash (A3)
  • vegan gluten free (cashew-based) raspberry "cheesecake" (A³)
  • pumpkin cheesecake cupcakes (Robbi)
  • snickerdoodle cookies (A³ & co.)
  • a bangin' apple pie (lucy, bnewbold and co)
  • Orange coconut sweet potato pie (one with wheat & egg, one gluten free vegan) (Bonny)


  • 1 handle of Wild Turkey (because it's not Thanksgiving without Turkey)
  • Homemade eggnog (dairy version & coconut version, non-alcoholic for universal consumption, liquor mixes well in it, though :) (Sean)
  • Sparkling apple cider....several flavors (Winnie/Carter)

Who's Coming[edit]

Add your name to the list below if you are planning on coming:

  1. Mako
  2. Mika
  3. Carter Hill
  4. Winnie Hill
  5. Bunker Hill (Mako's grandfather)
  6. Dilinger
  7. Anna
  8. Atom
  9. Robbi (w/ A³)
  10. Phil (w/ A³)
  11. Alemitu Hill
  12. Liz Guy
  13. Tommy Guy
  14. bnewbold
  15. lucy
  16. rmo
  17. aimi
  18. Thomas Levine
  19. Sean
  20. Bonny
  21. Orion
  22. Peregrine
  23. Woguyo
  24. Austin?

Previous Thanksgivings (food for thought)[edit]

Here are some ideas for vegetarian Thanksgiving dish ideas.