Bike tour/Sep 2015/Packing List

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  • phone
  • wallet
  • Sony DPT-S1 (charged!)
  • USB cord (from work!)
  • bike lock
  • minimal bathroom shower kit
  • ready: 2x 24oz water bottle
  • ready: book light
  • ready: headlight
  • ready: pack towel
  • DONE (Mika's wallet): $200 cash


  • long underwear (top and bottom)
  • t-shirts (x2)
  • pants (x1)
  • underwear (x1)
  • wool socks (x3)
  • normal shoes (386g)) or flip flops (240g)
  • wool sweater
  • Debian buff
  • sunglasses
  • ready: cycling jerseys (ibex + EFF)
  • ready: cycling shorts (bib shorts); and second pair (underwear shorts?)
  • ready: shorts (x1)
  • ready; knee pad
  • ready: arm warmers + leg warmers
  • ready: gloves (1x full; 1x short cycling gloves)
  • ready: cycling hat
  • ready: parka


  • phone
  • wallet
  • night-guard!
  • packed: USB cord and adapter
  • packed: heat packs
  • packed: lock + cable
  • packed: toiletries
  • packed: ibuprofen and benedryl


  • packed: pack towels x1
  • ready: cycling jersey
  • ready: cycling shorts
  • packed: raincoat
  • packed: long tights x2
  • packed: t-shirts x2
  • packed: pants
  • packed: underwear
  • packed: wool socks
  • packed: wool sweater
  • packed: knee pads
  • packed: normal shoes
  • packed: arm warmers
  • packed: cycling hat
  • packed: down jacket
  • headlight



  • wall charger for USB
  • USB cords (x2)
  • ready: plastic bags (x3)
  • ready: AAA batteries (x3)
  • ready: first aid kit (bandaid, alcohol gel, antibiotic ointment, benadryl, ibuprofen)
  • ready: tissue
  • ready (in Mika's bag): pen

Bike Stuff/Tools:

  • presta to schrader adapter
  • extra tube (26x1.5)
  • patch kit
  • Leatherman
  • extra links of chain for the skinny 9speed chain
  • (one ready): light-USB adapter (x2)
  • ready: Alien II tool
  • ready: portable air pump
  • ready: Shrader to presta adapter
  • ready: tire levers
  • ready (need to cut): electrical tape
  • ready (need to cut): duct tape
  • ready: zip ties (x3-4)
  • ready: packing straps (x2)
  • ready: coupler tool


  • fuel(20oz container, full)
  • ready: nalgene canteens
  • ready (divide): tent + ground cloth
  • ready: cooking pot and mugs set
  • ready: utensils
  • ready: stove
  • ready: toilet paper
  • ready: egg carrier
  • ready (in Mika's bag): bug spray
  • ready (in Mika's bag) sunscreen
  • ready (in Mika's bag)small cannister of Dr. Bronners for washing dishes
  • ready: normal matches; weatherproof matches
  • ready: tiny sponge or similar to clean dishes
  • ready: awesome camp light

Food (complete for day 1):

  • large flour tortillas for breakfast burritos (5-6 is fine) (TBP)
  • hot sauce (1 small canister)
  • oil (1 small canister)
  • powdered milk (enough for making angle hair pasta): do not bring?
  • angel hair pasta x1 box (530 kcal and 20g protein/box or ~150g): do not bring
  • ready: herbal tea bags (mix of 10 bags)
  • ready: hot chocolate (enough for 6 servings)* ready: mashed potatoes x1 pouches (440 kcal and 12g protein/pouch or 116g): bring 1
  • ready (instruction pic too): minute brown rice (x1 box) (1440 kcal and 32g protein/box or 400g): bring 1/2 box
  • ready: Indian curry x5 boxes (260 to 420 kcal and 12-14g protein/box or 284/300g): bring 4
  • ready (instruction pic too): couscous x1 box (990 kcal and 36g protein/box or 279g): bring 1/2 box
  • ready: Cliff bar x4 (240 kcal and 10g/bar or 68g): bring 4


  • go to ATM and withdraw $200
  • inflate tires and grease chains before we go
  • install folder on phone
  • set up UW email on mako's phone
  • DONE (on Mika's phone/laptop): create folder: gpx images of maps
  • DONE: images for instructions for food
  • DONE: Recycled Cycles: (1) schraeder-to-presta adapter; (2) bottle cages for mika
  • DONE: fix Mako's rear derailleur isssue
  • DONE: visit REI and buy: (1) bug spray; (2) portable duct tape; (3) water proof matches for $3 looks great since we plan to have "real" matches as well; (4) 22oz MSR fuel canister; (5) 4-5 small cannisters for soap, oil, hot sauce, etc; (6) six egg carrier
  • DONE: go to hardware store and buy: (1) twisty ties (x2); (2) zip ties; (3) mini-bungees or bungee net (something to hold down sweater and stuff
  • DONE: change Mika's front tire
  • DONE: attached 2 more bottle cages on Mika's bike
  • DONE: install osmand+ and files on Mika phone
  • DONE: make portable duct tape and electric tape rolls
  • DONE (reserved for 3 but can add another person when we check in if Ezra is joining us): reserve Carson's room for two double beds