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We will be hosting a vegetarian Thanksgiving at the Acetarium (265 Elm street (very close to Davis Square).

We'll have vegan/vegetarian turkey and, if we're lucky, tofurducken as well, and other creative reinventions of tradition. We are planning also have Agua de Valencia Sorbet and drinks.

If you're going to come, please plan to bring food and/or drinks. We have two kitchens we can use if you'd like to cook here but the space might be tight so let us know if you're planning to od that. You can also cook at home bring food over and warm it up at the Acetarium.

No stores open on thanksgiving!!![edit]

Although there are sometimes a few exception, no stores are open on Thanksgiving!


Some of them close early on Wednesday! I'm tempted put a blink tag on this. Plan ahead!

Except for City Feed and Supply on Centre Street in JP! :D

Make it Veg*n![edit]

We're doing a vegetarian meal and we ask that folks bringing and cooking food go veg for the night. Vegan is not required but very strongly encouraged because it's a lowest common denominator. So, Earth Balance instead of butter; don't gratuitously de-veganize a dish!

A full list with pictures from last year shows how almost every food item was vegan:


Vague plan is to start cooking around 3PM, and be done around 7 or 8pm, with drinking and essential snacking interspersed throughout the day.

Dishes and other stuff you'll be bringing[edit]

You can add items that you want to make and add your names by the items.


  • Tofurducken/Tofucken Mako
  • Setian Roast Mako
  • Stuffed bell peppers Mayo
  • Cranberry sauce Mako
  • Groovy Gravy Mako
  • Caramelized Onion Butternut Squash Roast with Chestnuts -- Mad & Chris
  • Trader Joe's Turkey-less Stuffed Roast -- Mad & Chris (only feeds 2-3)
  • Stuffing -- Val
  • Quinoa Salad & Apple, Walnut and Fennel Salad (Maria & Luisa)
  • Savory indigo lentils and quinoa with diced apples -- Avi
  • A little cranberry sauce (we can use more) Mako
  • Sweet potatos and apples Mako
  • Last year's style vegan field roast and ore cranberry sauce (TJ jar) -- Damien
  • Vegan lasagna Kyra + Erika
  • Dumpstered pie Kyra + Erika
  • Brussel Sprouts Noah
  • Mashed Potatoes Noah
  • Rice Pilaf Noah
  • Sweet Potatoes Noah
  • Cornbread Noah
  • pumpkin soup Noah
  • foul -- charlie


  • Vegan dessert TBD (Laurenne)
  • Famous apple and cranberries crumble (Noa Milman)
  • One vegan pumpkin pie from Whole Foods (Mad & Chris)
  • One apple pie and one pumpkin pie (Harvard Law School via Mako)
  • Whole Foods truffles (not vegan because butter) -- Damien
  • Mystery dessert (Luisa)


  • Red Wine (sweet variant) (Egghead)
  • Agua de valencia with sorbet (Cocktail/palette cleanser) Mayo
  • Wild Turkey (1 handle) because it's not thanksgiving without turkey Mako
  • Harpoon winter variety pack (12 bottles) -- Mad & Chris
  • Beer (12) Noah


  • A few apples and pears Mako
  • Apples Luisa
  • Clementines -- Val

Things to buy/bring[edit]

REMEMBER REMEMBER: Nothing is open on Thanksgiving. Like nothing. That means everything needs to purchased before businesses close on Wednesday. and Some of them close early. (Of note, Farmer's Bounty was open last year until 3PM or so on Thurs, pretending not to know the law. It's been shut down permenantly for this infraction.)

Move stuff from this list to the one above if people pick it up or commit to bringing it:

Last year's list (food for thought)[edit]

The list was taken from last year's Thanksgiving page.

Here are some ideas for vegetarian Thanksgiving dish ideas.

Who's Coming[edit]

Add your name to the list below if you are planning on coming:

  1. Mako
  2. Mayo
  3. Madeleine
  4. Chris
  5. Phineas
  6. Noah
  7. Sarah
  8. Daf
  9. Laurenne
  10. Maria Löblich
  11. Noa Milman
  12. Val
  13. Egghead
  14. Luisa Beck
  15. Michael Bauer
  16. May
  17. Avi
  18. Karyn Glemaud
  19. Damien
  20. Kẏra (+1 Erika)
  21. Charlie

Spirits (of the non-Wild Turkey variety):

  1. Mika's spirit :*(
  2. Adelaida's spirit II
  3. Molly's ghost
  4. -