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* stuffed mushrooms (mollydb)
* stuffed mushrooms V* GF SF (mollydb)

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You know how to do this. Thanksgiving will be at Windsor this year.

276 Windsor St Cambridge, MA Go around to the left side (if you're facing the house)

Molly's number: 302-562-2518

Dishes and other stuff you'll be bringing

You can:

  • claim items that no one is currently making, but are listed
  • add items that you want to make and add your names by the items.



  • stuffed mushrooms V* GF SF (mollydb)


  • seitan roulades with chestnut stuffing (mollydb -- will need help)
  • tofurkey! Val just purchased


  • brussels + wild rice "salad" (mollydb)
  • Green salad + nuts [v*, gf] (Jon)


  1. squash soup (mimi)
  2. root vegetables in roasted and probably solid form [v* gf] (cali)
  3. green beans?! (uhh, if I can get the right ones! mollydb)
  4. cranberry sauce (val can maybe bring some canned stuff? but feel free to claim)


  • mashed potatoes [v*, GF, no soy] + gravy [v*, GF, has soy] (Val H)
  • biscuits or bread or both (Daf)
  • apple cranberry stuffing [v* g+ soy+] (molly donaldson)
  • "French" bread [v*] (Jon)


  • whipped (coconut) cream (mollydb)
  • mini cheesecakes [v* gf no soy] (molly donaldson)
  • rice pudding [v gf no soy] (story)
  • pumpkin pie [v] (story)
  • pies [v*] (lynch)


  • 1xhandle Wild Turkey because it's not Thanksgiving without turkey
  • ginger simple syrup (to dress the turkey) (story)

Things to buy/bring

REMEMBER REMEMBER: Nothing is open on Thanksgiving. Like nothing. That means everything needs to purchased before businesses close on Wednesday. and Some of them close early.

  • wine
  • wild turkey
  • cider
  • ice cream

Who's Coming

Add your name to the list below if you are planning on coming:

  1. mollydb
  2. valerie rutherford youngington
  3. Val H
  4. mimi
  5. billy
  6. daf
  7. Al Carter
  8. Al's Drum Teacher Vux
  9. cali
  10. cali's friend josh
  11. danny m
  12. mv
  13. story
  14. aaron
  15. ian
  16. Jon E
  17. joshhhhhhh
  18. evan
  19. evan's mother nethery
  20. evan's father mike
  21. molly donaldson (i would be putting mollyd instead of my full name everywhere but i feel that might get confusing)
  22. danny c
  23. Sprocket