Acetarium (IRC)

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#acetarium is an IRC channel located on the OFTC IRC network. You can connect to the network at Although the etymology is a matter of debate, the name seems to refer to either the Latin word for salad or to a highly exclusive living, working, and recreation center in Davis Square, Somerville.

What is IRC?

IRC is like a chat system based around public channels but with the ability to do IM-like personal messages as well. It's nearly as old at the Internet and often feels like that!

To connect to IRC, you'll need an IRC client. Some IM clients like Pidgin support many different protocol have support for IRC as well. If you already use one of these clients, you might trying setting IRC this way. That said, most people tend to choose to use dedicated IRC clients. The most popular free software client is probably Xchat and it should be easily available in almost any major GNU/Linux distribution.

General advice on setting up IRC can be found in this article which includes instructions on setting up IRC on GNU/Linux, Windows, and Mac.

The key pieces of information you'll need to configure any client are:

  • Server/Host:
  • Channel: #acetarium

Introduce yourself when you join so folks know who you are! If you explain you are new to IRC, others will more than happy to help answer any questions you have.

Face Book

This is a face book (not to be confused with the social network) for #acetarium and other top secret IRC channels. Add a link to the photo of the person below their name or upload a photograph.