Aoyusoi Talks

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'AOYUSOI Talks are the The As Of Yesterday Unnamed Series Of Informal Talks -- an informal series of "lectures" (scare quotes intended) hosted at the Acetarium. They occur on the second Friday of each month (more or less). They consist of a lecture and set of lightning talks or projections.

Each night will have a main talk wich will be longer form -- up to an hour for talk plus some time for questions and answers. A projector will always be available. Reading materials related the lecture may be available beforehand. After the lecture, there will be a short break and then some lightning talks. Or maybe the other way around. Or maybe some before and some after. Who can predict these things?

Past Talks

  • February 11th - Long talk "How is Babby Formed?" by David Nusinow, Lightning talks on Emperor Jimu by Mika and D.B. Cooper by Daf.

Requested Talks

  • Why it snowed so much this year