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a small IRC automation robot.

The bibliobot code is at - this will not be accessible unless you have a user account. you will need to ask will for one.


changing the channel topic will update the living room board. The character set available is ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ1234567890!@#$()-+&=;:'\"%,./?°

  • !light - turn the backyard lights on and off
  • !weather [city] - the living room board will show weather for [city]
  • !schedule
    • add - add a task
      • !schedule add [task] [duration] [args...]
      • !schedule add msg 5m hello world - messages the channel
      • !schedule add sparkle 5m happy birthday - sets the living room board with colors
      • !schedule add weather 5m sea - sets the living room board to weather in city
    • list - list scheduled tasks
      • !schedule list
    • rm - remove a task, by id (id found via list)
      • !schedule rm [id]
    • repeat - repeat a scheduled task at an interval
      • !schedule repeat [id] [duration]

Duration are specified as described at