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Made this page after the trip for the record.


July 18: Bike from Seattle to Ipsut Creek. Meet WI at the Sumner bus station (578 from Seattle). July 19: Hike the Spray Park loop via Mt. Pleasant. July 20: Bike to Sumner and then the Sounder to Seattle.


  • Lots of snacks: Luna bars, candies, peanut butter crackers
  • Lunch: home-made bread + mozz/tom/pesto from Orting Safeway at the Fairfax Bridge.
  • Dinner: instant ramen (no boil type) + mixed veggies + onion soup + hot chocolate + Milano cookies + beer
  • Breakfast: eggs (carton; bought in Orting) + leftover pesto + hot chocolate/soup
  • Snacks!
  • Lunch: bread + Branston pickles + cheddar
  • Dinner: curry + mixed veggie + seitan jerky + instant white rice + asparagus/onion soup + tea + beer
  • Breakfast: bread + peanut/almond butter + tea
  • Snacks!
  • Lunch: Deli sandwiches in Sumner


  • Perfect timing for the wildflowers!
  • seitan jerky in curry was great; pepper type
  • the last mile to the Ipsut Creek campground is very rocky; mostly walked for the last half mile
  • stayed at campsite #6, which was great; the ground is a bit hard for the tent stakes
  • made dinner on the riverbed both times
  • tons of noseeum bites on the riverbed; only after it started getting dark; bring a better repellent next time
  • bring an extra tube and a tire next time
  • there was no need to push the bike across cold water; the lower carbon river bridge was fixed and great for crossing.
  • the Carbon river water was too silty, so went to get water at Ipsut Falls (~0.5km each way).
  • the ranger at the ranger station let us fill our bottles from the hose spigot, so we filled all our water bottles + x2 3L Nalgen canteens.
  • Not too many places to fill water after the suspension bridge before Seattle Park but once we got into Seattle Park, there were plenty of small streams to fill out bottles. We re-filled our bike water bottles 3-4 times each during the hike.
  • Tons of mosquitoes from Seattle Park till the end. Bring a better repellent next time.
  • Mt. Pleasant is a steep hike up but has a great view.
  • Microspikes were not necessary but it'd have been nice to have them for one part of the hike; not necessary for the main Spray Park loop, I suspect.
  • bring extra socks (M's socks got wet).
  • did the loop clockwise