Boston Beer Week (2011)

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Boston Beer Week is May 27th to June 5th. It will host a number of events around Boston and hopefully play host to a number of special beer tastings and keg tappings. Below is a place to post information about events, giving interested parties a place to indicate their interest in attending.

If you are especially enthusiastic feel free to host your own events and post them on the Beer Advocate site here.

For a list of all events look here for the schedule of things that have been planned so far.


American Craft Beer Fest Pre-Party

Thursday June 2nd - 6:00-10:00pm

Although there are no details yet, it seems that it will be a good venue for people not attending the ACBF to taste some nice brews and socialize with other beer enthusiasts.


Beer Recommendations

Here you can suggest types of beer for people to seek during BBW