Cape Trip May 2016

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Some of us are going to the cape. Whee.


56 Stowe Rd, Sandwich, MA. you'll see a line of 5-6 mailboxes, and then across the street is a dirt road which is Kittredge Point Road. Follow it straight until you see the DiNardo Way sign (which we made ourselves, it's a pretty illegit Way).

Remember, there is NO INTERNET.

i have a p. good data plan tho if anyone wants/needs to tether - cmd (me too -mdb)


Saturday May 28th through Monday May 30th

Getting There

Cars, bikes, trains, oh my! I think you could also actually take a ferry somewhere nearby.

Driver Seats Leaving (Time, location) Riders Returning (Time, location) Riders
ganz 3-4 fri night, from Somerville badvibe mon midday, to Somerville badvibe


Biking down? Part way? You can take the T to Braintree or Ashmont (or the commuter rail to Plymouth) and it's a good way to make it a reasonable day ride!


You can take the train a significant portion of the way! If enough people want to train together, we can do a pickup in a car!


Add yer name if it's not already here.

  1. Akiva (80% likely)
  2. Ganz
  3. Jordan
  4. Kit Cali
  5. Max
  6. Molz
  7. Nardz
  8. Schyler
  9. Ben
  10. Daf
  11. Jeff


  • kayak
  • swim
  • make some zines!
  • make some music
  • read some books
  • Cosmic Encounter
  • various and sundry collective storytelling games
  • anyone bringing more games?
  • molz you forgot ROPES COURSE (free, unsupervised, right down the road, o yeah)
  • crafts (faux flower crowns? knitting?)
  • drum circle? Jordan can lead/teach


Tea is an optional meal. If someone wants to be in charge of making some snacks, treats, or things like fruit plates, you are welcome to do so!

All meals -must- be vegetarian, with vegan options.

meal big cook little cook cleaner 1 cleaner 2
saturday tea cmd
saturday dinner de blanc max
sunday breakfast badvibe ganz
sunday tea jeff
sunday dinner cmd/ben cmd schyler
monday breakfast kit cali schyler
monday tea cmd unless someone else rly wants it!

Things to Bring

Things you might want to bring for yourself, or are bringing to share. Add your name next to things you're bringing (if relevant, e.g. zine making supplies.)

  • swimsuits
  • paper (for zines)
  • guitar (mdb)
  • a selection of hand drums (Jordan)
  • other instruments
  • tarot cards (schyler)
  • hair dye (schyler)

Things to Buy

If we need to buy it, list it. If you are bringing it, add your name.


I can pick up groceries for meals if you make a complete list of things you want.

possible useful

  • vital wheat gluten
  • misc useful: whatever fruits + veggies look good
  • onions, garlic
  • bread
  • peanut butter
  • almond milk
  • hummus

for meals

  • for monday breakfast (tofu/egg scramble, breakfast potatoes, fruit salad): free-range eggs, tofu, onions, garlic, bell peppers, red potatoes, soy-free earth balance or olive oil, salt, pepper. can bring other seasonings + fruit with me. - kit
  • many lemons (like a bag) - I plan to make Amounts of lemonade for general consumption and goodtimes. - schyler
  • mdb dinner: poblano peppers (3), daiya, if available, if not, nbd, green jackfruit (2 cans) if available, if not, nbd, cashews; cauliflower (1), acorn squash (2), coconut milk (1); avocado + plaintains (if available, if not, tell me); masa, corn husks, beans (whatever Carolyn needs for this). will use whatever misc vegetables are around.
  • Quinoa burgers: 2 cans black beans, quinoa, bell pepper, onion, garlic, bread crumbs, oil, salt, cumin, cayenne/red pepper, 2 eggs
  • Vegan snaps: turbinado sugar, molasses, ginger, canola oil or w/e oil, soy milk or w/e milk, flour, sugar, baking soda, salt. If not too expensive: cinnamon, vanilla


Code of Conduct

If any conflict arises, it must be solved by the relevant parties completing either 1) a ropes course or 2) a canoe ride around the lake together. A third party moderator can be agreed upon if necessary.


  • crying in baseball
  • smoking or vaping indoors, on the porch, or by doors or windows
  • excessively bad puns
  • reacting aggressively or loudly(the first time) to a perceived minor offense