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* Pies x2 (Odette)
* Pies x2 (Odette)
* some dessert - Winnie
* some dessert - Winnie
* Sweet potato pie - [[MeanderingCode]]
* Sweet potato pie - Sean
=== Drinks ===
=== Drinks ===
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# Winnie
# Winnie
# Carter
# Carter
# Sean [[MeanderingCode]] <small>+ 2 children</small>
# Sean <small>+ 2 children</small>
# Bonny
# Bonny

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Mako and Mika would like to host a Thanksgiving dinner at our new house! If you'd like to join us, please add your name and any food/drink items you'll be bringing below. We have a large kitchen, so feel free to come by early and cook your food here.


Directions, parking, and mass transit information is available online here: http://extraordinary.leastsquar.es/


If you're not cooking at our place, plan to arrive around 2:00, so we have time to heat up and do one of those big lunch/dinner meals people do. You're also welcome to cook at our place - just let us know in advance. We should be wrapped up by early evening.

Dishes and other stuff you'll be bringing

Many of us are vegetarian, so vegetarian items will be very much appreciated!

Here's a full list with pictures from a previous thanksgiving that shows how almost every food item was vegan.

You can add items that you want to make and add your names by the items.


  • Vegetarian Groovy Gravy - Mako
  • Tofurducken/Tofucken/Toficken/Tofucky or similar - Mika
  • cranberry sauce - Mika
  • bread Mrlisitza
  • chanterelle mushroom gravey Mrlisitza
  • leg o' lamb with sauce Mrlisitza
  • stuffing (vegetarian) - Winnie
  • corn casserole - Winnie


  • Pies x2 (Odette)
  • some dessert - Winnie
  • Sweet potato pie - Sean


  • Wild Turkey (750ml) because it's not thanksgiving without turkey Mako
  • red, red wine Mrlisitza
  • Beer (growler) Willscott
  • Cider Sarah
  • Juice Mika



Move stuff from this list to the one above if people pick it up or commit to bringing it:

  • Food:
    • Vegetables&fruits
    • (turkey?)


    • Beer

Who's Coming

Add your name to the list below if you are planning on coming:

  1. Mako
  2. Mika
  3. Andres (dilinger)
  4. Sarah
  5. Noah
  6. Logan
  7. Will
  8. Odette
  9. Jerry
  10. Austin (tentative)
  11. Mike
  12. Katherine
  13. Winnie
  14. Carter
  15. Sean + 2 children
  16. Bonny


Mako: 206-409-7191

Mika: 206-890-5155

Food for thought from previous thanksgivings

The list was taken from previous years' Thanksgiving pages:

Here are some ideas for vegetarian Thanksgiving dish ideas.