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ELS would like to host a Thanksgiving dinner again! If you'd like to join us, please add your name and any food/drink items you'll be bringing below. We have a large kitchen, so feel free to come by early and cook your food here.


Directions, parking, and mass transit information is available online here: http://extraordinary.leastsquar.es/


If you're not cooking at our place, plan to arrive around 2:00, so we have time to heat up and do one of those big lunch/dinner meals people do. You're also welcome to cook at our place - just let us know in advance. We should be wrapped up by early evening.

Who's Coming

Add your name to the list below if you are planning on coming:

  1. Mako
  2. Mika

Dishes and other stuff you'll be bringing

If anybody has allergies or other dietary restrictions, please note them here or email Mika&Mako.

A few of us are vegan, so vegan/vegetarian items will be very much appreciated!

Here's a full list with pictures from a previous thanksgiving that shows how almost every food item was vegan.

You can add items that you want to make and add your names by the items.


  • Vegetarian Groovy Gravy - Mako
  • Seitan loaf - Mako
  • Tofurducken/Tofucken/Toficken/Tofucky or similar - Mika



  • Wild Turkey (750ml) because it's not thanksgiving without turkey Mako



Move stuff from this list to the one above if people pick it up or commit to bringing it:

  • Food:
  • cranberry sauce
  • bread
  • mashed potatoes
  • (turkey?)
    • Vegetables&fruits
  • green vegetable or fruit
  • yellow/orange vegetable or fruit
  • blue/purple vegetable or fruit
  • red vegetable or fruit
  • white vegetable or fruit



Mako: 206-409-7191

Mika: 206-890-5155

Food for thought from previous thanksgivings

The list was taken from previous years' Thanksgiving pages:

Here are some ideas for vegetarian Thanksgiving dish ideas.