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|Yes (received)

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Christmas 2020[edit]

Infused & Gift-able cocktails

Goal: 3-4 small bottles that can be easily turned into a few great cocktails.

The Gift[edit]

Gift Size
Rosemary Syrup ~100ml
Pear infused gin 375ml
cucumber vermouth 175ml

The Cocktails[edit]

The Todo List[edit]

  • Order bottles [DONE]
  • Make labels [DONE]
  • Get Alcohol [DONE]
  • Get non-alcohol ingredients [DONE] (apples, pears, rosemary, sugar, cucumbers)
  • Infuse [DONE]
  • Bottle [TODO]
  • Order packing / shipping material [TODO]
  • Pack & ship [TODO]

The Recipients[edit]

Giftee Gifter Shipping done
Parents Willcott Local Yes
Special Willscott Local Yes
Ian Willscott Local Yes
Kurt Willscott Yes Yes
yawnbox Willscott Local
Scott Willscott Local Yes
Esther & Mer House Local Yes
Dustin & Julian House Local Yes
Gary House Local Yes
Kathryn House Local Yes
Pirate House Local
Ben & Morgan House Local
Ana House Local
Swabha + Suchin House Local
Bryan's parents B+L Yes Yes (received)
Lucy's aunt+uncle B+L Maybe
Jay L Yes Yes (received)
Kyle + Amy? L Local Yes
Christie / Bryan / Robin / Atul L+B Yes Yes
Peter E House yes Yes (received)
Seth S House yes Yes (received)
E Hashman? House Local Yes
Nadya + Hunter House Local Yes
Sage + Faith House Local Yes
Sarah + Noah House Local TODO
Avi+Kit House Yes Sent
SJ House Yes Yes (Received)
Aaron S. Mako Yes Yes (received)
Charlie Mako Local Yes
Emilia Mako Local Yes
Nate ('Heist) Mako Local Yes
Kaylea Mako Local yes
Regina Mako Yes Yes (received)
Salt Mako Local Yes
Sejal Mako Local Yes
Stef Mako Local Yes
Sayamindu and Sucheta Mako Yes Yes (Received)
John S Mako Yes Yes (Received)
Kat W Mako Yes Yes
Ari&Beth Mako Yes Yes (received)
Kat+Mike Mika Yes Yes (Shipped)
Mako's Rents Mako Local Yes
Lisa Mako Yes Yes (received)
Nate (Bro) Mako Local Yes
Kit Mako Wait
Alemitu Mako Wait
Alan Toner House Wait
Chris A Local Yes
Clark Mako Yes Yes (received)
Alex and Malu Mako Yes Yes (received)
Adelaida&Dylan Mako TODO
Richard House Yes Yes