Center for Extraordinary Quarantine Dining

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Plan meals and go shopping 1-2 times a week.


Let's have side vegetables every day. Dark green leafy vegetables are recommended (by Mika).

Thursday March 26
seitan schnitzel w/ mash and salad [DONE]
Friday March 27
bibimbap [TODO] kimchi, spinach, carrots, cucumbers, beyond
Saturday March 28
sabich [TODO] eggplant, tomato, tahini
Sunday March 29
Banh Xeo [TODO] rice flour, mung beans (more), romaine lettuce, bean spouts
Monday March 30
tamales w/ a salsa verde; [TODO] tomatillo, jalapenos, mexican cheese, cilantrao
Tuesday March 31
Chaat! [TODO] yoghurt (get two and mark one!), cilantro,
Wednesday April 1

Future thoughts

  • pipian pascal (seitan and/or chayote w/ a pumpkin seed sauce + peanut sauce; Mexican dish that's kinda like a relative of a mole)
  • Biang biang mian
  • Ghormeh Sabzi
  • Someny noodles, solittle time
  • Buffalo sprouts / cauliflower
  • Okonomiyaki
  • Ddukbokki
  • Coronation chickpeas and yogurt tomatoes
  • that delicious caramelized broccoli pesto pasta
  • Saag paneer
  • Tampopo omurice
  • Cassoulet
  • Parfait
  • Stroganoff
  • Savory souffle
  • Asparagus (morel?) risotto / tarragon risotto
  • Gua Bao
  • Sun-dried tomato almond pesto pasta
  • esst mehr Tofu-Schnitzel, lasst die Tiere leben
  • Gnocchi (or perahsp schupfnudeln w/ the schnitzel?); wait for the kraut
  • Phad Thai or Phad See Ew Soon Again
  • Kathi rolls
  • Tofu Banh Mi
  • Souffle pancakes
  • Au Gratin
  • veggie reuben [TODO] pending kraut which will take 2 weeks after cabbage arrives

Grocery items

0. delivery

Instacart delivers for Uwajimaya, QFC, Central coop, Safeway, PCC, Total Wine and More (!), Bevmo, Cotsco, Fred Meyer, CVS, Bartell.

1. fresh produce

  • garlic
  • bean sprouts (banh xeo)
  • romaine lettuce (banh xeo)
  • tomato (sabich)
  • eggplant (sabich)
  • lots of cabbage (if 2 heads are better than 1, 4 must be fantastic! lets try!) (sauerkraut)
  • a crate of napa (kimchi)
  • greens greens greens
  • strawberries (for cocktails)
  • a bunch of spinach
  • cucumbers
  • celery or fennel
  • tomatillo (salsa)
  • jalapenos (salsa)
  • cilantro (banh xeo/salsa)
  • grapefruit, oranges (and/or other snacking citrus)
  • bananas (2 bunches?)
  • avocados

2. other foods

next shopping trip

  • bread flour (?central coop delivery)
  • kimchi
  • mexican cheese
  • yogurt yogurt yogurt (2 tubs at least; at least whole milk greek, other style additionally ok)
  • whole milk (1 gallon)
  • haloumi (sabich)
  • bread (?bakery)
  • demurara sugar
  • balsamic vingar (?)
  • grapenuts (cereal; 2 boxes?)
  • mung beans (?central coop delivery) (banh xeo)
  • rice flour (?central coop delivery) (banh xeo)

could be later

  • black beans
  • beyond, chicken/ham ham, faux-lamb, and general faux meats
  • snacking cheeses
  • snacking peanuts (lots)
  • tahini (3+ jars)
  • nutella
  • frozen peas (B snack)
  • Shin Ramyun Black (instant ramen, bulk pack) (?uwajimaya delivery)
  • shaoxing wine (?uwajimaya delivery)
  • natto (?uwajimaya delivery)
  • konbu (?uwajimaya delivery)
  • nori (?uwajimaya delivery)
  • kewpie (?uwajimaya delivery)
  • rice noodles (?uwajimaya delivery)

Other items

  • hand soap
  • zinc
  • EmergenC
  • loofah
  • tissue

Hysterical Meals

Monday March 16
curry [DONE] (fish curry. cabbage stir fry. rice) — Evidence
Tuesday March 17
mole and nopales salad [DONE] pending avocados, cilantro, perhaps other kinds of big dried chiles (chipotle, pasilla, negro etc). We can start with this recipe and arrange. — Evidence
Wednesday March 18
pizza [DONE] — Evidence
Thursday March 19
Sichuan MSG /zha jiang noodles [DONE] with side veggies - Evidence
Friday March 20
sxsw salad + stuffed pepper [DONE] - Evidence
Saturday March 21
pasta alla norma [DONE] - Evidence
Sunday March 22
Hanami [DONE] (onigiri, deviled eggs, and sundry) - Evidence
Monday March 23
french onion soup and butter miso carrots - Evidence
Tuesday March 24
pasta al pesto genovese e asparago - Evidence
Wednesday March 25
Windy City Pie + cuke salad [DONE] - Evidence