Edger Cayce: Psychic Reading And Healing

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Those who know the story of Edgar Cayce, know that as a child he was not a scholar. He would try to study and just could not wrap his young mind around what he needed to learn. After studying a particularly long time one night, he fell asleep with his head on his text book. When he woke, he knew and understood everything the book held.

Edgar Cayce was able to help thousands of people with illnesses and conveyed many truths while in a trancelike state that he could induce himself. His wife by his side, he would lie on a couch and, while in trance, his body was used by another entity, or entities that were able to diagnose and give council on how to heal diseases, and crucial information on the avoidance of disaster, among many other topics. His wife would act as secretary and record everything that he said while in trance.

Edgar Cayce was probably the finest medium and psychic reader of our time. There was no limit to the subjects Cayce would touch on while in trance state. Edgar was worn out as the number of people seeking his council grew by the day. He brought the terms Soul Mate, Meditation, Akashic Record, and Holism, and their meaning to light. Enlightening many to a way of thinking that made more sense than what they had been taught. Although he taught the fundamentals of the teachings that Jesus Christ brought forth, many Christians rejected him because his views were supportive of reincarnation and the Akashic record.

Cayce was truly a forerunner and pioneer for those of us who had been steeped in traditional religion, yet knew there had to be so much more. He was a humble soul who did not feel he was special, and said repeatedly that what he did we could all do. Christ told his disciples the very same thing when they were in awe of the miracles he performed. He made those of us who were of open mind, realize that we chose to be born on earth to learn lessons so we could become more evolved souls.

He also predicted many major events, such as the end of the Depression, racial strife in the US, the possibility of a third World War with the Middle East. We would all do well to read the teachings and predictions of the great Edgar Cayce to keep up on what may happen in our world next.

Many people are steeped in religious dogma and will never change their mind about these ideas. I believe in God and Jesus Christ as much as anyone I know, yet from the time I was old enough to think for myself I always KNEW there had to be more to life and death than what I had been taught.

I will always believe in the free tarot reading love ability of everyone to learn from spirit. It takes practice and we must have the desire to put old teachings aside and have a mind that is completely open to new and wonderful things.

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