Glacetarium 2011

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View from balcony from one of the apartments we've rented.

The glacetarium is the Acetarium's 2011 winter retreat. Please join #glacetarium on oftc on irssi.

Destination: Reykjavik.
Dates: December 30 - January 13. (We'll be back in time for the Mystery Hunt.)

Key people:

Program Chair: Molly de Blanc (not software)
Spirits Chair: Alex Ose (not ghosts)
Quartermaster: Sarvodaya (not coins)


The glacetarium is designed so that the friends and inhabitants of the Acetarium can gather, relax and enjoy good company, often in geothermal pools, in Iceland. We'll cook meals, present talks, work on projects, and try to enjoy ourselves.

Participants are encouraged to bring their project ideas, books, games, and bottles of fine duty free whiskey. We will be trying to working with a local hacker space to hold a series of talks and presentations -- open to the public!

Useful Information


  • Be aware of the huldufólk, the hidden people. Skepticism can appear rude.
  • Tipping is considered rude.
  • The flats will most likely have wireless Internet there.
  • Rent/hostel fees seem to be between $20-30 (US) per night.
  • 1000ISK is about 5.5USD.
  • Apparently, New Year's Eve in Rekyjavik is crazy awesome.
  • Mystery Hunt will start at noon on 2011/01/14 (Friday).

Useful links

Getting There

There seem to be two real options for folks flying to Iceland from the United States:

  • Iceland Air which flies direct from Boston for $500 and up for a round trip ticket.
  • Iceland Express which flies from Newark and can be as low at $300 for two one-way tickets.

There may be other options from Europe.

To the Flat from the Airport!

One group got a cab for 16,000kr. The flybus from the airport costs about 2,500kr. The flybus will let you off at BSi.

From BSi one can turn right onto Hringbraut and walk basically until the end of the road, at which point they can turn right onto Ananaust and Vesturgata.

This is a non-google map that marks the apartment.

This is a google map with both places marked and google recommended driving directions.,-21.937412&sspn=0.002644,0.009645&ie=UTF8&t=h&ll=64.148185,-21.950469&spn=0.010592,0.038581&z=15


Please let us know if you want to come as soon as you find out!

Name IRC Arriving Departing Status
Benjamin Mako Hill mako 12/30 1/13 TICKETED / ROOM MARKED BELOW
Mika Matsuzaki mika 12/30 1/13 TICKETED / ROOM MARKED BELOW
Seth Schoen schoen 12/30 1/13 TICKETED / ROOM MARKED BELOW
Dafydd Harries daf 12/30 1/13 TICKETED / ROOM MARKED BELOW
Christine Spang christine 12/30 1/10 TICKETED / ROOM MARKED BELOW
Avital Kelman fiendish 12/30 1/13 TICKETED / ROOM MARKED BELOW
Molly de Blanc mollydb 12/31 1/13 TICKETED / ROOM MARKED BELOW
Danny Piccirillo DPic 12/30 1/13 TICKETED / ROOM MARKED BELOW
Matt Zimmerman mdz 12/30 1/08 TICKETED / ROOM MARKED BELOW
Calyx Clagg N/A 12/30 1/13 TICKETED / ROOM MARKED BELOW
Erik Garrison erikg 12/27 1/13 TICKETED / ROOM MARKED BELOW
Hilary DelaBruere ?? 12/27 1/1 TICKETED / ROOM MARKED BELOW
Alex Ose maalox 12/30 1/13 TICKETED / ROOM MARKED BELOW
Niko Kern nike 1/02 1/13 TICKETED / ROOM MARKED BELOW
Paula Aguilera ?? 12/30 1/08 TICKETED/ ROOM MARKED BELOW
Jonathan Williams ?? 12/30 1/08 TICKETED/ ROOM MARKED BELOW
Jaime Clagg N/A 1/08? 1/13 ROOM MARKED BELOW
Nathan Trachimowicz ?? 12/30 1/13 TICKETED/ ROOM MARKED BELOW
Christine Corbett Moran corbett 1/3 1/7? TICKETED/ ROOM MARKED BELOW

Possible attendees: Joris, Adriana

Money and Costs

We will divide our rent and food costs by person days at the end of the trip.

Mako and Mika are paying for the two apartments completely up front. We will use the exchange rates at the time of payment to our landlord.

We don't have room for everybody during the whole period of time. This is especially the case before 1/3 when we get the second apartment. For those who are renting rooms the guest house will be in charge of their own payment during that period. You can directly coordinate with our landlord Fridrik Magnusson.


For rent, the current plan is going to be to pool the total cost, split by the number of total person nights, and then charge people by the number of nights they stay. We're basically full. At the current exchange rate, the price will be under USD 22 per person per night.

  • Flat 73: The cost is 1380GBP (~2200USD) from 12/30 through 1/13.
  • Flat 71: The price is 1150GBP (~1780USD) from 1/3 through 1/13.

Additionally, the Guest house will be 25USD/person/night for those who need a place to stay before their houses become available.


We are planning to cook most of our meals together including dinner each night. We plan to buy all our food in Iceland. BONUS is the local discount supermarket. We will keep receipts and split costs similarly to the way we divide costs for rent (see the section on rent above).

There are at least 4 vegans and a large majority of people attending are vegetarian. The current plan is to cook primarily vegan and exclusively vegetarian to simplify things and to keep costs low.

We're planning on share the cost for vegan items among all people and sharing the costs of explicitly non-vegan items among non-vegans unless the costs are trivially small.

If folks feel a strong desire to cook meat we can try arrange for one kitchen to be meaty.

Folks who don't help cook meals should help clean.


<googlemap version="0.9" lat="64.15194574030187" lon="-21.955747604370117" type="map" zoom="14" width="700" height="300" selector="no" controls="small"> 64.15194574030187, -21.955747604370117 Flat 71/73 </googlemap>

We have found one landlord (Fridrik Magnusson) with a good deal of space in Reykjavik (Vesturgata Unit 71 and Unit 73). He's trying to give us a good deal and seems pretty flexible. Currently the rundown includes three places:

  • Flat 73: Can hold between 6-8 people in two bedrooms with a living room. One of the bedroom will have a few comfy mattresses in it.[1]
  • Flat 71: Immediately next to Flat 71. It can hold up to 8 people. But it's only available between the 3rd and the 11th.
  • Guest house: Although it's about a 20 minute walk away, there is also a guest house we can use to hold overflow. He'll rent it for the same per-person price if we can get at least 6 people. Otherwise, it should be a little more, but still affordable..

In both places, the landlord can provide a same day laundry service for an extra fee. Alternatively, you can bring enough clothes or wash by hands.

Please only add your name here after you have purchased your tickets.

Flat 73

We are reserving one apartment place that can hold a maximum 8 people from December 30th through January 13th. The house has 2 bedrooms and the landlord will be put 2 more mattresses in the bigger bedroom. There is a sofa bed in the living for 2 people as well. Ideally, we'll get two places and sleep 6 or 7 in this apartment.

Slot 12/30 12/31 1/1 1/2 1/3 1/4 1/5 1/6 1/7 1/8 1/9 1/10 1/11 1/12
1 Mako Mako Mako Mako Mako Mako Mako Mako Mako Mako Mako Mako Mako Mako
2 Mika Mika Mika Mika Mika Mika Mika Mika Mika Mika Mika Mika Mika Mika
3 Seth Seth Seth Seth Seth Seth Seth Seth Seth Seth Seth Seth Seth Seth
4 Avi Avi Avi Avi Avi Avi Avi Avi Avi Avi Avi Avi Avi Avi
5 Christine Christine Christine Christine Christine Christine Christine Christine Christine Christine Christine
6 Daf Daf Daf Daf Daf Daf Daf Daf Daf Daf Daf Daf Daf Daf
7 maalox mollydb mollydb mollydb mollydb mollydb mollydb mollydb mollydb mollydb mollydb mollydb mollydb mollydb
8(couch) Danny Danny Danny Danny

Flat 71

There is an apartment next door from the same landlord that can hold 10 people that will be available from the 3rd of January through the 13th. As soon as we get 4-5 people who've signed up for this, we'll put a deposit down to reserve the space for the whole period. Please sign up quickly so we can make sure we get it before someone else does!

Since the house is not available until 1/3, the owner said that we can stay at his other guest house (20-25mins away) until the 3rd for the same price. Let Mika or Mako know if you want to rent the place. Please add your name to the list in the next box if you'll need this.

Please only add your name here after you have purchased your tickets.

Slot 1/3 1/4 1/5 1/6 1/7 1/8 1/9 1/10 1/11 1/12
1 Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt Jaime Jaime Jaime Jaime
2 Calyx Calyx Calyx Calyx Calyx Calyx Calyx Calyx Calyx Calyx
3 Erik Erik Erik Erik Erik Erik Erik Erik Erik Erik
4 Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny
5 maalox maalox maalox maalox maalox maalox maalox maalox maalox maalox
6 Niko Niko Niko Niko Niko Niko Niko Niko Niko Niko
7 jdub jdub jdub jdub jdub
8 Paula Paula Paula Paula Paula
9 Nate Nate Nate Nate Nate Nate Nate Nate Nate Nate
10 Corbett Corbett Corbett Corbett

Guest House/Other Options

If you need a room in the guest house, put requests down here. We'll try to aggregate these and get these to the landlord and will let folks know. We're currently under the impression that we will have plenty of space. The cost of the guest house will be 25USD/person/night:

  • Hillary: 12/28 -> 1/1
  • Erik: 12/28 -> /1/3
  • Maalox: 12/31 ->1/3
  • Niko: Night of the 2nd, would sleep on floor or on couch if it is easier/cheaper
  • Paula and Jdub 12/31 -> 1/2
  • Nate 12/30 -> 1/3
  • Christine Corbett 1/3 -> 1/7?

There are hostels and are other apartments for people that want to come for period from December 30 through January 1st. Folks can expect to pay between US $20-35 per night in shared apartment or hostel. Mako and Mika will not arrange these other accommodation though. Obviously, the bigger the place, the cheaper the per-person/per-night cost.

Packing list!

Some suggested items to bring for the trip:


Things that would make sense for you to bring your own of:

  • swimsuits
  • layers
  • hats/gloves
  • soap/shampoo/lotion
  • razors
  • snow boots, hiking shoes
  • whiskey
  • computers/phones/chargers
  • electricity things? They use 220V/50Hz (European plug)
  • monies?
  • camera
  • books
  • multivitamins
  • passports


Stuff that we'd want as a group, but only one or two people need to bring:

  • projector (mako/mika)
  • games (molly will ask her roommates about borrowing taboo)
  • movies
  • power strips


Folks should brainstorm ideas of things they might like to coordinate while there.

  • I want to read and talk about a few academic papers about free software! (Mako)
  • Fish Fillets and other puzzles -- maybe we can solve some Fish Fillets levels as a group
  • I want to write an academic paper about public health, computer security, quarantine, and compulsory vaccination (with a focus on the use of public health metaphors in computer security and Zittrain-style examination of the effects of these metaphors on computer users' freedom). I would be interested in collaborating with anyone who's interested. I also want to work on other writing projects. (schoen)
  • I'd like to write a draft of an academic (or non-academic!) law-review style paper about how the porn industry has moved from highly centralized to largely decentralized personality-based economics models that employ many more people due, at least in part, to a lack of ability to enforce copyright claims. I want to suggest that this is a model that other cultural industries (e.g., music) might follow. (Mako)
  • I want to do some sort of experiment with narrative and storytelling forms through film, pictures, words, or something else entirely. There will be some cool visuals, as Maalox pointed out, with the lighting that might be fun to play with. I have nothing beyond that. (Molly)
  • Mako and I are thinking of writing an essay about abandonware as an example of waste and risk due to proprietary software licensing. (schoen)
  • Listen to Sigur Rós, Björk, and Seabear DPic 07:06, 16 December 2010 (UTC)
    • And (credit to Daf for the suggestions) Múm, Amiina, and Jóhann Jóhannsson DPic 07:28, 29 December 2010 (UTC)
  • Film project? I have a camcorder and can record talks, crazy fireworks, random discussions, and good times, but mayhaps a film-project would be cool as well. Lip dub? Story (Molly)? Simple music video? DPic 07:06, 16 December 2010 (UTC)
  • Celebrating the final day of Christmas on the 6th!
  • I plan to spend a lot of time hacking on SD. Fellow hackers welcome! (spang)
    • Looks interesting, I'd like to learn more about this (User:Mdz)
  • I might go caving/hiking. (Mika)
  • I intend to bring a guitar and would enjoy playing music and singing with other people (User:Mdz)
  • Calyx and I are interested in ignoring all of the scary tourist warnings about driving in Iceland and renting a car to travel someplace off the beaten path (User:Mdz)
  • I want to talk about the intersection of free software and the web, why it isn't bigger and better, and how to make it so (User:Mdz)
  • One word: snowmobiles (User:Mdz)
  • I want to explore distributed wikis and Semantic Mediawiki-like relational data extraction as a basis for alternatives to proprietary online social tools such as Google Reader, Library Thing and Facebook. (User:Daf)
  • Using Glitch to make interactive graphical environments, and maybe some live coding. (User:Daf)
  • I want to learn more about digital music, perhaps through this FLOSS Manuals manual for Pure Data or Miller S. Puckette's The Theory and Technique of Electronic Music. (User:Daf)


We're going to be running a series of talks during the trip. We're going to coordinate with a local hacker space so that these talks are also open to the general public and maybe in a local hacker space (currently only two blocks away) wherever possible.

Molly de Blanc will be the program chair and will be coordinating and scheduling talks and helping select among the suggestions here.

  • Try out some new talk about When Free Software Isn't Better about social science on free software and how we can use it (Mako)
  • Geek nutrition (report on a survey of geek eating habits). (Mika)
  • Reprising HTTPS Ubiquitous and Fragile from HOPE (schoen)
  • Someone should maybe give an overview of the Acetarium if we're giving a talk at the hack space?