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Summer camping?

  1. Granite Mountain: 8.6 miles roundtrip; 3800ft gain; 5629ftt highest point
  2. Rachel Lake: 8 miles roundtrip; 1600ft gain; 4600ft highest point
  3. Lake Serene: 8.2 miles roundtrip including the detour to Bridal Veil Waterfall; 2000ft gain; 2521ft highest point
  4. Lake Melakwa: 8.5 miles roundtrip; 2500ft gain; 4600ft highest point
  5. Mount Townsend: 8.0 miles roundtrip; 3100ft gain; 6260ft highest point
  6. Enchantment Lakes: 18.0 miles roundtrip; 4500ft gain; 7500ft highest point
  7. Hoh River Elk Lake:30-37 miles roundtrip: 1961ft gain;3067ft highest point
another website on Elk Lake trail.


Lake Serene: Mako and Mika did the hike in early June. Highly recommended. Both Bridal Veil Waterfall and Lake Serene are gorgeous. The hike is not easy but the trail is super well-maintained. The last two miles up to Lake Serene have a lot of stairs - we saw a couple with a newborn baby at the lake and we were very impressed. The lake is cold but a few of us jumped in for a minute or so.