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This page is for keeping track of our observations of the beehives.

I checked each hive twice before. I added a second box ~ May 1 2017 to the Langstroth hive but maybe that was too early. I saw lots of new, bone white combs in the top bar hive.


  • Top hive: I saw some capped drone and worker bee cells as well as both larvae. I tried to fix the comb that fell on to the pollen hive but I saw parts of this comb fall again because of the weight of the bees.
  • Langstroth: The bottom combs are sticking to each other and hard to check but I saw some capped worker bee cells (or honey cells?). Saw honey too. This hive is more aggressive than the top hive. They are not working on the top box at at all.
  • Got attacked by a crow. It must have a nest nearby.