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It's easy to make vegan humbow. You can put many different types of filling inside. Some examples of filling are: sweet azuki bean paste, TVP, curry, sweet and sour vegetables, yakisoba, and hard boild eggs. This recipe uses TVP to make "meaty" humbow.


steamed humbows.
  • Filling: amounts of ingredients are flexible.
    • TVP 1 cup
    • veggie broth 2 cups
    • bamboo shoots
    • Chinese cabbage
    • green onions
    • garlic
    • onion
    • soy sauce
    • sesame oil
    • spicy sauce
    • black pepper
    • ginger
  • Dough: makes 16 humbows.
    • flour 225g
    • bread flour 75g
    • sugar 2 TBSP
    • butter sticks (vegan or normal) 2 TBSP
    • yeast 1.5 tsp
    • soy/almond milk or milk 180cc
  • baking powder + bread flour for kneading


1. Sift all powder ingredients for dough.

2. Warm up soy milk to 38-40C. Add to 1.

3. Knead for 10 minutes -- cross arms to push the dough sideways and roll up from one end to the other. Repeat.

4. Make a ball of dough and place in a bowl. Cover and keep the bowl in 30-40C water for 1 hour.

5. Make the filling (I just stir fry all the ingredients and add flavors).

6. When you poke the dough and the hole doesn't rise up immediately, it's ready to knead for another 5 minutes.

7. Elongate the dough and cut into 16 pieces.

8. Use a rolling pin to make a circular flat piece and put the filling inside. Keep the center of the circle thick -- otherwise, it'll break.

9. Steam for 8-10 minutes. Fan them to cool a little bit. Serve with soy sauce, mustard, wasabi, or whatever sauce you like.