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To Do[edit]

  • go to icebreakers outlet
    • 1 pair tights/leggings
    • 2 sleeveless tops
    • bra & underwear
  • assemble 5 meals
    • quinoa w/turkey, cranberries, almonds, spinach (currently dehydrating)
    • polenta w/veggie & salami
  • cut & weigh tyvek groundcloth
  • backwash filter
  • charge camera batteries
  • charge battery pack
  • REI
    • return unused bottles (changed mind)
    • get more little containers (done)
    • look for third pair of socks (forgot)
  • pharmacy/grocery
    • turkey, cranberries, quinoa, spinach, chopped greens for polenta
    • all the snacks
    • hair ties
    • hand sanitizer
    • new trash compactor bag
    • get moleskin
    • get alcohol pads
    • get bandaids
  • pick up rx
  • pack prep
    • scour restaurants for sauce containers
    • transfer sunscreen into 2 oz bottle or sauce container
    • transfer bodyglide into little container (sauce container?)
    • transfer bronner's into 2 oz container
    • transfer saline solution into 2 oz container
    • transfer antibiotic ointment into...something
  • print permit
  • test food/fuel
  • test tarp setup w/guylines
  • groundcloth
  • guyline for tarp
  • socks
  • maps - ordered 7/24, will need to see if it covers route through Isberg Pass
  • bivy - Borah Gear bug bivy ordered 7/9
  • sleeping bag - HG Burrow ordered 7/9
  • sleeping pad - Z lite ordered 7/9
  • bear can - borrowing BV 500 from Jesse, picking up Aug 1

Shakedown Trips[edit]

    • Timberline Trail, July 2-5 notes
    • Goat Rocks Wilderness, Aug 8-9


Part 1 dinners/recipes[edit]

  • quinoa
    • 1 cup dry quinoa, cooked with lots of garlic & juice of 1 lime and dehydrated
    • 1 7 oz package sliced turkey, dehydrated
    • 1 cup frozen spinach, dehydrated
    • 1/2 cup dried cranberries
    • 1/4 cup sunflower seeds
  • polenta?

General Foodstuff to Bring[edit]

  • dried fruit
  • energy bars/mix
  • couscous
  • ramen
  • cheese
  • cured meat - sausage/salami
  • olive oil in flip top bottle
  • stuffing
  • jerky
  • sour patch
  • crackers
  • trail mix
  • dark chocolate
  • garlic granules
  • mustard packets
  • nut butter
  • instant mashed potatoes
  • tortillas (pack nicely, check expiration)
  • dehydrated refried beans
  • hot sauce packets (or dehydrated? some people do this!)
  • protein powder
  • string cheese, laughing cow cheese, baby bell cheese
  • "I liked the plastic bottles of Parmesan cheese in the pasta aisle. You can always transfer the contents to a ziplock at resupply, but I'd ship it in the bottle" sprinkle this into food?
  • horchata powder
  • lemonade powder
  • Chocolate covered sunflower seeds.
  • powdered milk - Nido comes highly recommended because it's whole
  • "a great alternative is powdered coconut milk often found in Asian supermarkets. Its 2X the calories per ounce and adds a new flavor on cereal or oatmeal"
  • sweet potatoes (dehydrate)
  • dehydrated guac (!)
  • ranch dressing packet
  • astronaut ice cream

Dehydrator Food[edit]

  • chickpeas
  • lentils
  • carrots & onions
  • broccoli
  • spinach

Daytime Food[edit]

Aim for 2300 calories per day

  • GFB bars (220 cal per ounce) & others
  • jerky
  • candy
  • trail mix
  • fruit leather
  • almond butter

Resupply Dinners (10)[edit]

Aim for 700 calories per meal


  • ramen & curry x2
  • couscous & spice pack 1 x2
  • couscous & spice pack 2 x2


  • 2x pesto tortellini plus salami, a little salty
  • 3x mac n cheese (with individual cheese packets) plus ham
  • assorted veggies to throw in
  • 2 oz olive oil
  • approx 8-10 oz, 700 calories per dinner
  • garlic lentils w/kale - did not make it into the rotation

Copypasta Notes[edit]

  • Heaviest pack weight will be 27.5 lbs leaving MTR (11.4 lbs of food). I would estimate close to 2,500 calories per day. I'm over 50 so my metabolism and leg speed has slowed. I don't need as many calories as I used to. Ultra marathons really helped me figure out what I could eat when tired and what fuels work best. It's different for everyone. If I ate like this at home, I'd be in the cardiac unit. My general meals are old fashioned oats with almonds and fruit for breakfast or 2 plain strawberry pop tarts/2/pastries. Peanut M&Ms, almonds, salted snacks, dried fruit, and Baby Ruths, through the day. Justin's peanut butter packets, slami and cheese, crackers for lunch, MH dinners for diner augmented with veggies, mashed potatoes, powdered butter, powdered sour cream and oreos for desert.
  • I'm 29 with a raging metabolism from all the hiking/climbing I do, and I average about 2500 calories every day on the trail doing 10-15 miles/day.
  • I thought I'd share what I'm packing for food on my upcoming hike. I'm eating an average of 3,200 calories per day weighing in at 1.7lbs. Everything is the same day to day except dinner and breakfast, I'm doing a fine mix of dehydrated and homemade recipes.
  • Love that oatmeal, I combine in advance 2 packages add a Tbl Spoon of TJ's Freeze dried blueberries and a Tbl Spoon of Raw Sugar, also like Justin's nut butters and builder bars, you look good to go!!! Adding in some powdered milk to the oatmeal or dried granola is also a good way to add calories and improve flavor.
  • try to get 125 (140 better) calories per ounce. this works out to 4,000 cal/day for 2 lb/day food
  • I'm around 30% for fats, 15% protein, 55% carbs and that will be ideal for my slim athletic build. Normally I eat even less fat on the trail, but this is a longer haul. Oh and that's at 3k per day, which I will be running a slight deficit. I perform better that way though, as opposed to overeating
  • I make a big batch of pico de gallo and add avocado to half for the guac. Then dehydrate. This way you have salsa AND guac. It's soooo good. Due to the high fat content, keep in freezer after dehydrated until you use it.
  • Skurka has written that his calorie cutoff on edibles is 130 calories per ounce. 125 per ounce is 2000 per pound, a good way to think of food weight per day on long-, or no-resupply trips. I'm not suggesting to use that weight per day, it is just a handy number for rough estimates, 2000 calories per pound.
  • food packing tips
  • I saw a video where a park ranger dumped her dry oatmeal loose in her bear canister after she’d packed in all the other food. It shakes down and settles into all the nooks and crannies, allowing her to completely fill the available space.



  • Keep protein intake high to avoid muscle loss (aim for 100/day?)
  • Balance salty and sweet
  • Check calories per gram ratio
  • Aim for 3k calories a day?

Sample Food Lists[edit]




    • Zpacks ArcBlast
      • 30 lb weight limit
    • $295 + extras
    • ordered 5/15/15 (expected to arrive mid/late June):
      • Volume: 52 Liters - it was this or 60, close call, both will fit a standard bear can, I thought 60 might be a bit too bulky for me
      • Color: All Army Green w/ Black accents - was tempted by orange and indigo but was swayed by green being a good stashing color
      • Torso Height: Shortest (18 inches) - as per measurements & email to Zpacks
      • Belt Length: Small (26 inches and up) - current pack measures 22", get lumbar pad if too big
      • Shoulder Pouch
      • Key Pocket (.2 oz)
      • Ice Axe Loops (Both Sides) (.1 oz) - for future mountaineering adventures
      • Trekking Pole Holders, One Side (.2 oz)
      • Shock Cord Lashing (.5 oz) - to compress for use as day pack


  • main shoes - Altra Superior 1.5
    • Joe recommended - many people used them on JMT & PCT, zero drop but thicker sole than Vivos, better for rocky Sierras terrain
  • camp/crossing/alternate shoes - Vivobarefoot Breatho Trail
  • 2-3 pairs of socks, probably smartwool PhD or Darn Tough
    • test to make sure I don't need liners or bring coolmax liners just in case
    • all same brand for interchangeability, except maybe the sleeping pair
  • gaiters (Dirty Girl FTW!)


  • bottoms/leggings base layer (merino wool)
  • sleeveless top (x2?)
  • long sleeve top, like this
    • must be quick-drying, I will probably sweat a lot in it
  • shorts (simple, light gym shorts)
  • pants
  • bras - merino wool, ex officio?
  • underwear - merino wool, ex officio?
  • rain shell - Sierra Designs cagoule
  • down coat
  • neck gaiter
  • warm hat
  • sun hat
  • gloves


  • bear cans (rent?)
  • stuff sacks
  • trekking poles - black diamond trail back (20 oz)
  • sunblock
  • sunglasses
  • gaiters
  • camera
  • maps/navigation
  • biodegradable soap (bronner's?)
  • hand sanitizer
  • wipes
  • stove & fuel
    • 3 3oz fuel canisters per section (6 total)
  • cooking kit
    • pot
    • spork
  • knife/multitool
  • shovel
  • first aid/emergency kit
    • bandaids
    • secondskin
    • moleskin
    • bodyglide
    • pepto
    • immodium AD
    • painkillers
    • aspirin
    • epipen
    • duct tape
    • superglue
    • needle + thread
    • waterproof matches
    • water treatment tablets
    • bug bite treatment
    • lighter
  • compass
  • emergency whistle
  • medication
    • pill
  • microtowel(s)/handkerchief
  • bug repellant
  • itty bitty foam roller (tennis ball)
  • water filter
  • water bottles/containers
  • glasses/contacts stuff
  • toothbrush
  • paper towels
  • zip lock bags
  • headlamps, flashlights
  • batteries
  • watch
  • ID, health insurance card, cash, debit card
  • emergency contact info
  • lip balm
  • paper and pen
  • nail clippers
  • mini scissors (for cutting moleskin donuts)
    • part of multitool?
  • tweezers
    • part of multitool?
  • cord
  • permit