Network services/Reference services

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This is a list of services that might be considered "open" under various proposed definitions of "open" services, useful to test various arguments about what such a definition should or shouldn't contain.

  • Wikipedia: data and software are freely available. How are APIs licensed?
  • gmail: server source is proprietary, but all (email) data is available via standardized/open protocols, and users can make the service transparent (from an identity perspective) by using other email addresses.
  • Amazon EC2: server images are ~ standard xen images. If you can move your data and computation transparently between S3 and completely Free xen-based servers, is it open/free/autonomous service?
  • GNU Savannah:
  • Second Life: client is Free; service is not.
  • audioscrobbler/
  • (defunct): what happens when you mash up Free data with non-free services like google maps?
  • OpenStreetMap