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* [[Hot sauce]]
* [[Hot sauce]]
* [[BBQ Sauce]]
* [[BBQ Sauce]]
* [[Pozole]]
== Pasta and sauces ==
== Pasta and sauces ==

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The recipes are mostly sorted alphabetically within each section.

Entrees and Unsorted


  • Kraut: 5lbs cabbage; 3 tablespoons salt; no water (it's in the cabbage/beets/turnips!); 10-14 days; keep everything you eat under the brine!
  • Kimchi
  • Ploughman's pickle (Compare to Branston's pickle)

Seitan/Nut/Bean Loaf



Pasta and sauces

Baked goods and Dessert

Indian curries


  • Ethiopian feast: recipes for messer wot, gomen wot, shiro wot, alicha, and tibs.

日本食 (Japanese dishes)