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  • This page is for the Sedar in Boston. Please see this page for the event in Seattle.

The Things to Buy sections contains things we need and do not have yet. The Things We're Bringing is the place to put stuff you want to bring. Feel free to move something from things to buy to things to bring and put your name next to it so we know someone has that. You can also add something not already on the list--this can be ingredients, toys, cooked dishes, or anything else you think up. Things to cook is a good place to write suggestions for dinner.

It'd be really nice if you add your name under People if you are planning on attending, so we have an idea of how big to make dinner.

No dress code, although yarmulke encouraged.

Location and Time

This year we're going to host at the Lester Terrace Cafe (5 Lester Terrace, Somerville, MA) on April 4th. Please arrive by 7pm (19:00). Crash space is available at the Acetarium.

Things to Buy

You can add things you think we ought to have.

  • Everybody please bring 5 cups of wine per person (a bit less than 1 bottle). Extra wine is always a bonus!
  • Grape juice for the non-wine drinkers
  • Matzot!
  • Seder plate:
    • Matzot
    • Yams
    • parsley
    • eggs
    • charoset
    • horseradish
    • oranges
  • something very enticing but whose identity will be revealed after some cursory research
  • prize for the afikoman

Things We're Bringing

You can add things you are bringing, with your name, here.

  • Sephardic Charoset Truffles (Kit Cali)
  • Lightly pickled cabbage salad (Kit Cali)
  • Kugel (Jill Katz)
  • Dried Fruit & Chocolate (Jill Katz)
  • Apricot-Pistachio Charoset (Schyler V)
  • Quinoa Pilaf (Val H)
  • millions of hardboiled eggs (avi)
  • fruit compote (kit h)
  • matzah, parsley, horseradish roots, yams (avi)

Things to Cook

Things you want to cook (please out your name by it), or things you think we ought to cook, feel free to claim items without names next to them!

Please Note: Anything you bring should be Kosher for Passover. We eat neither chametz nor kitniyot. The meal will be vegetarian (eggs and dairy are welcome; vegan dishes are encouraged). We have lots of matzoh meal, if you want some.



Things to Read

Margin Notes

The seder will focus on history, culture, and understanding. Questions are highly encouraged! The theme this year is "connections," looking at the connections between our past, our present, and each other. Please, don't troll the haggadah.

Our seders tend to run on the longer side.


Please add your name with a #

  1. mollydb
  2. tchell graham
  3. valerie young
  4. kit cali
  5. willow
  6. jill katz
  7. ecole
  8. josh spitz
  9. rebecca herman (bringing crack)
  10. Max Rothman
  11. Schyler Versteeg
  12. Val H
  13. Frank Lee
  14. Harriotte Hurie
  15. Kit
  16. Anouska
  17. Srujan
  18. bh
  19. lizardbeth (probably?)
  20. Ian Denhardt
  21. Colin McSwizzlestick
  22. May Moreshet
  23. Chris Moreshet
  24. Ethan Moreshet
  25. Sophie Moreshet (will all leave earlyish because the kids are goyim and have no stamina for this kind of thing)
  26. Julia G
  27. billy duck
  28. mimi
  29. avi
  30. sammy
  31. ben from philadelphia
  32. yoho myrvagnes
  33. maeve
  34. dawn
  35. erica
  36. anya
  37. Unknown 1 (ask avi)
  38. Unknown 2 (ask avi)
  39. Al C
  40. Danny C
  41. Ethan "Last Minute" Sherbondy
  42. Nathan Matias (50%)
  43. Carolina B.M.

Can't Attend

  1. DB (out of town doing Passover with my family -- sorry!)
  2. Kep - performing in the Gamelan Galak Tika concert at the same time but wishing you all well
  3. sarah bonito - will be out of town, sending all the Jewish seder vibes your way...this is my favorite holiday!
  4. cali (greetings from Haifa)


April 4th: Cook all day long!

  • 7pm: Open the wine
  • 7:24pm: Start

Past Years