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Must Fix

The following items need to be completed before the next release:

  • review/apply changes in selectricity TODO file
  • The text in the description field is not "rich enough" - URLs are not automatically turned into links, and whitespace / newlines are not maintained, whether or not I insert line-break HTML tags.
  • Open votes have no protection against double-voting. I actually like this right now, since it allows many people to vote using a single public computer, but maybe an option to turn this on or off would be nice.
  • When I was choosing which method, I was offered the usual "Schulze", "Approval", etc (this is in election creation). But on that page there was no way to get documentation on what they meant! (wikipedia links won't cut it of course (I know you know that). User needs guidance about what kinds of methods are appropriate for what kinds of ballots.
  • remove non-yes or no based elections (the interface is totally broken)
  • When creating an election, indicate what timezone the deadline will be in. (I assumed UTC/GMT, but then when the election was actually created it was UTC -400.)
  • The "Create Election" Page 1 said all elections end at 23:59 on the specified date. But then when I got to the "review before clicking to Start Election" page, it said the election would end at 00:00:00 -400 on that date -- in other words, we would have lost an entire day (out of a two day election).
  • Then there was no way to edit the ending time -- I had to create whole new election instead, and at the beginning of the process deliberately set it to end one day later than I wanted (in other words, work around the bug).
  • When I went to create a new election, I naturally wanted to ete the old, unused one. Instead, it's still there in the Control Room, even though I'd never hit the final submit button and no elector had ever gotten an email for it.
  • add user password recovery

These issues are finished:

  • Upgrade to Rails 2.0 and debug
  • Early results option is buggy, when the 'view results while election is going' option is checked, the links going to the results pages malfunction, especially if the election is "open"
    • I think the error is related to the 'format' parameter that only exists for created elections, yet I can't seem to find it's origin. A quick hack would be to put hat parameter in the view, but I should probably ask Mako where the format parameter is really being generated.
  • Make sure there's a user account page, and that it displays and links to all their elections. Then, if too many elections to be displayed are in the control panel, link to their account page instead.
  • Implement or debug the 'remove voters' option
  • Elections don't end! Implement vote expiration code. Also, a cron job that runs every couple minutes to go through expired elections and e-mail out to participants.
  • polish and test full elections functionality
  • Images fail in a "full" election: I redid a quickvote as a full election in order to have the description and image options, but the image uploading crashed to an error screen.
  • I would like to be able to view statistics and results in real-time with a full election like I can with a quickvote. I understand that some election scenarios would suggest otherwise, but if the candidates aren't human it would be nice for the poll administrator (if not the general public) could see results and stats before the end time of the election.
  • images are badly broken (fix!)
  • make sure the non-public elections are really non-public
  • make the "Done!" button say "Proceed" instead, maybe
  • check these:

Won't fix (at least for this release)

These things are put off for the time being. (Patches would still be welcome, of course!):

  • some sort of private quickvote functionality
  • turn on custom widgets are currently turned off
    • Make a note + conditional regarding what pictures can be uploaded for custom embeddable widgets
  • fix navigation for full elections creation in selectricity
  • fix edit/add buttons for creation
  • add editable voting lists while in progress option in selectricity
  • write tests for embed code in selectricity
  • remove mapping functionality from selectricity
  • create test cases to address the issue with runoff or drop
  • Descriptions of candidates can't easily be edited (I had to delete and re-create the candidates)
  • We'd love to do multiple elections using the same electorate. Currently, we have to paste the same set of addresses in each time. It would be nice if an electorate were a first-class ect that could, e.g., be picked from a list of all the electorates I have worked with. I realize this presents several difficult questions about UI, address duplication, etc. Just throwing it out there -- you know, like users do :-).
  • This is just a thought about 5. Assume that Selectricity has a repeatable electorate feature. If we add new members after an election E has happened, that won't change any of the statistics for E, right? (For example, the participation rate for E won't change just because the electorate expanded after E was held?)