September Eleventh Limericks

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About This Page

Limericks have a reputation as a silly and humorous form but there's no reason that this should be the case. This collection is an effort to take back the form for serious subjects and prove that limericks can be used for a serious subject.

This page collects serious limericks about a serious subject: the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center and the effects and fallout from the attacks that we're still feeling today.

Please go ahead and write and add a serious limerick about September 11th to this page. If you think of a non-serious limerick that you feel the need to share, find one on that page that you don't feel is serious, or find one one this page that does not adhere to the limerick form, please edit it to solve the issues or remove it from this page and move it to SeptemberEleventhLimericksRejects.

These limericks are contributed, mostly anonymously. The hosts of the wiki cannot take credit for the content on this page.

Serious Limericks

{{{ Osama hated the US's excesses So he created a cruel plan to stress us And Bush, like a jerk, Made the plan work Failures just are not successes }}}

{{{ In lands far away, wars are fought in, A cycle foul, vicious and rotten. We'll continue to pay For acts wrought on that day, While our heroes remain unforgotten. }}} {{{ Scared that they'll "get" you or me, We've built safety by nat'nal decree, The cost of protection? A freedom "correction." We've given up our rights for free. }}} {{{ Falling through space makes me giddy --- Its so devastatingly pretty. But fallen towers, Wars with foreign powers, Execrable. So fucking shitty. }}} {{{ Iraq and Afghanistan lawless, The bodies lie broken and faceless, 'Cause deep in the shadows Behind tinted windows Are they to whom war means big business. }}} {{{ In the forest a tree topples down, and another, and all hear the sound. The dwellers will grieve, they will sow and conceive or rage on to burn the rest down. }}} {{{ two planes at two towers did soar and kindled on terror a war though empty the sky where the towers did lie their shadow's more long than before }}} {{{ nine eleven visiting the ward schizophrenics and bipolars look bored the big tv can blare there's no one left to care for our lives have come unmoored }}}

{{{ Before nine-eleven two thousand one there were two towers, now they're none. a war was conjured, from which we inferred: Ideas can't be stopped with a gun! }}}

{{{ on the ninth month day number eleven two buildings fell further from heaven the cameras were rollin yet the truth was stolen: what happened to building number seven? }}}

{{{ There once was a town they called Boston near the towers thousands were lost in. Though Boston publicly weeps for loss of life on the cheap, they secretly wish the planes had got them. }}} {{{ September brought two towers down and polished conservative crowns We're swimming in lies and swindled by spies while Orleans continues to drown }}}