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In April 11, 2012, I did an interview with The Setup which is online at Over time, my technology use changes but I don't get to update the website very often. As a result, I've tried to keep a changelog here where I update lists of major pieces of software that I adopt. Between that interview and this changelog, you should be able to get a pretty comprehensive idea of what I'm using.

  • (Spring 2013) I've started using mosh instead of ssh for most of my interactive shells. It works wonderfully on high latency connections and in situations where you're frequently moving around. It use remote terminals quite a lot and this has been a huge upgrade.
  • (Spring 2013) I've started a long process of switching my slides from LibreOffice/OpenOffice over to LaTeX Beamer. Now that I'm becoming a teacher, I want to make sure I invest my time in teaching materials that I love and that will work over the long haul. The missing pieces for me in Beamer will mostly filled by [ pdfpc (a fork of pdf-presentor-console) which is something I was previously using quite a bit in openoffice. Reproducing my slides and doing all the things I used to be able to do in LO/OO is a challenge but so far I'm pretty happy with it.