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  • This page is for planning our trip to Japan in June 2016.


  • ICA is in Fukuoka from June 9-13.
  • Going to Okinawa before the conference!


6/3: MM arrive in Naha City on Jetstar. MM stays in Naha at APA hotel (

6/4: Naha etc!

A arrives in Naha in AM on JAL and heads to Chatan/Yomitan. Staying w Amy Berghoff (Chicago friend) through 6/6. Amy's info:
Amy Berghoff - 81-080-6866-9155
259-3 Ocean Kitamae Chatan-Cho
MM heads to Tokashiki at 9AM on Marineliner. Needs to call them to make a reservation (
MM stays and dives at Kerama-sou (

6/5: MM stays and dives in Tokashiki. A stays in Chatan/Yomitan and surfs.

6/6: A stays in Chatan/Yomitan and surfs.

6/7: A stays in Chatan/Yomitan and surfs.

6/8: MM stays in Naha City.

6/9: AMM heads to Fukuoka on Peach Aviation at 6PM.

AMM stays at Airbnb place (lots of instructions on the guest guide).

6/13: MM heads to Tokyo (? stop in Kyoto?)

6/14-16: MM in Tokyo.

6/16: M flies home.

6/17: M flies home.


  • Print boarding passes for Jetstar and Peach.
  • Reserve a place in Naha City for 6/3 and 6/8.
  • Make plans for 6/6-6/8.
  • Get PK visa in Tokyo.


1. 14 day JR pass

Potential plans:

  • Tokyo, Kyusyu, Tokyo.
6/2: Fly to Tokyo.
6/3-5: Hang out with fam.
6/5-9: Travel slowly to Fukuoka.
6/9-13: Stay in/near Fukuoka on Jun 9-13.
6/13-15: Travel slowly back towards Tokyo on Jun 13-15.
6/16: Mako flies home.

2. ferries

Potential plans

  • Tokyo, Ogasawara, Fukuoka, Pusan:
6/2: Fly to Tokyo.
6/3-4: Ferry to Ogasawara Islands (ferries take 24 hours from Tokyo).
6/4-8 Ogasawara Islands.
6/8-9: Ferry back to Tokyo.
6/9: Travel to Fukuoka.
6/9-13: Fukuoka.
6/13: Ferry to Pusan (2.5hours).
6/13-15: Pusan, Korea on June 13-15.
6/15: Back to Fukuoka and head to Tokyo.
6/17: Return to Seattle.

Potential places to check out[edit]

  • Asahi or Kirin beer factories in Fukuoka City.
  • Fukuoka Hawks game
  • Hike in Yakushima off the coast in Kagoshima.