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Created this page after the trip to Cabo San Lucas to make notes for future trips.


Day 1: SJD arrival at ~7:30PM from LAX. Stay at Fairfield Inn.

Day 2: AM 2 tank dives with Dive Ninja. Night dive (1 tank).

Day 3: AM 2 tank dives. Walk and relax on the beach.

Day 4: AM 2 tank dives. Walk and relax on the beach.

Day 5: SJD departure at 1:08PM for SFO.


  • Our bags got tagged only to LAX. We noticed this after we got on the first flight (SEA-LAX) and told the agents and called the central baggage service (8778158253), who all tried to correct this but it was too late. In LAX, the agent checked the bag status and thought the bags were coming to SJD but they did not.
  • We filed the missing baggage claim (needs to be done within 24 hours of arrival; there was another person from Seattle whose golf bag got stuck in LAX) and called the central baggage service several times over the next 48 hours.
  • Everyone was helpful but it seemed that nothing was happening unless we called and asked them repeatedly. They told us they'd call us to update on the bags but that didn't happen. The baggage page also didn't update the tracking information.
  • Our suitcase was damaged, so we called the central baggage service and they sent us 2 forms by email (to be filled within 45 days).
  • Dive Ninja was very environmentally conscious. Vegan wraps and fruits for snacks. Water in reusable containers.
  • With cameras, Mika only needed 4 lbs for weights.
  • The night dive was really amazing.
  • Bring seasickness medicines even though the boat rides are short.
  • Don't forget the tips (could be pesos or dollars).
  • Some ATMs give USD.
  • Antigen tests at AMC (~30 mintues to get the results).
  • Reef safe sunscreen.