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| Ferry (1/30) || 45.30 || Aaron || Aaron, Mako, Mika
| Ferry (1/30) || 45.30 || Aaron || Aaron, Mako, Mika
| Friday Harbor House (dinner 1/31) || 136.13 || Aaron || Aaron, Mako, Mika

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OSM map of Friday Harbor

This page is for planning the retreat at the Whiteley Center on the Friday Harbor campus on San Juan Island between January 30 to March 7.

Lots of general information about Friday Harbor is available on the Friday Harbor entry on WikiVoyage and we should contribute there where possible.


  • Island Airporter: Shuttle service from Seatac to Friday Harbor. Monday through Saturday (no Sunday service). Pickup in Friday Harbor Dock at 5:45 and at Seatac at 12PM.
  • Bellair Airporter shuttle: Operates a (much more frequent) shuttle service between Seatac and Anacortes Ferry terminal with departures roughly every 2 hours. $37 one-way; $68 round-trip. Accepts online reservations. Requires that you handle the ferry portion of the trip separately.
  • WA DOT ferries connect Friday Harbor with the other islands and Anacortes. Note that the Washington DOT recently implemented a reservation system (which probably won't matter to us since we're visiting in the off-season).
  • Public transportation options between the ferry terminal and downtown Anacortes and the Amtrak Station in Mount Vernon are available through the Skagit Transit bus system. Buses are cheap ($1), infrequent, and probably require a connection.
  • The west side of the island is quite hilly.

Weather in February

Generally, highs will be between 5-10°C and lows between 0-5°C. Monthly averages are described here. Snow is uncommon.

Questions for the staff at the Whitely Center

  • What kitchen equipment is available?
The kitchen is well stocked but it probably won't have things like mixer, blender, or coffee grinders.
  • Are there monitors/keyboards in the studios? If so, how many?
There is a computer room but we should bring our own monitors and keyboards.

Shipping & Mail

Ordinary mail addressed to visitors at the address below will be placed in the mailboxes in the entrance hall of the Fernald Labs. The office staff will sign for express packages and the like (same address, 360-378-2165 for the phone).

Whiteley Center
620 University Road
Friday Harbor, WA 98250
  • Requested USPS mail forwarding service for those 5 weeks (Mika&Mako).


  • There are a few grocery stores in Friday Harbor.
    • We can join a coop for a month for 10USD.
    • King's Market is open 7:30-21:00 every day.
  • Things on the island may be a bit more expensive than in Seattle. We can take whatever we want from Mako&Mika's kitchen (i.e. oil, soy sauce, spices).


(Note: many of these were suggested by Kathy Ballard in the FHL office)

  • Market Chef (10am-4pm) -- noodle bowls?
  • Demeter's -- bakery
  • Backdoor Kitchen
  • Cask & Schooner
  • Thai kitchen

Some things to do

Things not to bring

We won't need to bring:

  • Bedding/bath towels will be supplied at $5.78 per week for each occupied bedroom.
  • Kitchen essentials. Apparently: "Your kitchen is nicely stocked with the essential equipment for cooking."

The Whiteley center has some restrictions on what we can bring to the cottage or the Friday Harbor Laboratory campus.

  • Animals (FHL campus)
  • Children (just the cottages)

Things we should have brought

Next time, bring:

  • good kitchen knives
  • proper waterproof hiking boots
  • hiking sticks
  • thermos/electric kettle
  • speakers

Places to try


Description Cost Paid Beneficiaries
Groceries 143.52 Aaron Aaron, Mako
Groceries (1/28) 101.58 Aaron Aaron, Mako
Cafe Demeter (1/28) 8.83 Aaron Aaron, Mako
Groceries (2/1) 192.31 Aaron Aaron, Mako, Mika
Cafe Demeter (1/30) 14.19 Aaron Aaron, Mako
Ferry (1/30) 45.30 Aaron Aaron, Mako, Mika
Friday Harbor House (dinner 1/31) 136.13 Aaron Aaron, Mako, Mika