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  • Send out application solicitation/announcement emails (Oct/Nov)
  • Form admissions cttee (Oct)
  • Recruit grad admissions help (Nov)
  • Create announcement/brochure/table for NCA (Aug/Sept)
  • Plan infosocial (May)
  • Outreach at conferences etc. (Spring, Summer, Fall)
    • ICA, NCA, CSCW, CHI, ICCSS, WebSci, ICWSM, iConference, etc.
    • Facult re: email lists


Speaker series[edit]

  • Revise/write generic invitation
  • Generate list of invitees
  • Send customized invitations w 2 date options
  • For accepted speakers:
    • Connect with Madeleine for logistics
    • Get requested meetings & dinner attendees
    • Email target faculty re: dinner & meeting signups
    • Recruit graduate student(s) to host