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This wiesbte makes things hella easy.
The following webpage contains information about the Wedding of Mika Matsuzaki and [[User:Benjamin Mako Hill|Benjamin Mako Hill]].
The two were married on May 29, 2006 in Somerville, Massachusetts (it wasn't actually ''in'' Cambridge, but it was very close). Justice of the Peace and Oxford University professor of "cyberlaw," [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_Zittrain Jonathan Zittrain] officiated at the ceremony.
You can read the WeddingInCambridgeInvitation for information on what the ceremony was like.
== Photographs ==
If you attended the wedding, please add links to your images online in this section.
* [http://www.flickr.com/photos/krysalist/sets/514981/ Paul Rice's photos] (Small selection of the best).
* [http://www.flickr.com/photos/soulfish Photos by Dustin Smith and Paul Rice]
* [http://epsilon.media.mit.edu/~mako/hyemin_wedding_pictures/ Hyemin Chung's photos]
* [http://pictures.ebnj.net/makomikawedding/ Ari Pollak's pictures] of after the wedding along the Charles river
* [http://shunlight.qkelly.com/gallery/album90 Shunling Chen's photos]
== Guest Book ==
If you want to leave us a note, you can add that that [[Talk:Wedding|here]]. However, we'd also ''really'' like hardcopy versions in the form of cards and postcards. Information on sending those is on the main WeddingWiki page.
== Thanks ==
Thanks go to Jonathan Zittrain for officiating, to Samuel Klein for organizing the parade, to Paul Rice and Greg Pomerantz for taking lots of photographs, to Chris C for bringing musical instruments, to everyone who traveled from out of town (especially Malcolm Purinton who hiked 36 miles in two days to get here), and to everyone that made it out and created a fantastic and memorable wedding.
Special thanks go to Alana Lafferty and to Andres Salomon. Alana lent not only the space to host the wedding but a huge amount of her time in buying the food, setting up, and more. Andres helped throughout the whole process by shopping, driving us around, and setting up. We couldn't have had such a successful wedding without the two of them.

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This wiesbte makes things hella easy.