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Saigon Cafe

Location: 4142 Brooklyn Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105
Rating: 5
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This place is wonderful. I can only speak for the tofu báhn mì because it's the only thing I've bought there. But I can speak wonderful things about it. Tofu báhn mì is my go-to lunch and this is the best version I've had in Seattle.

Most places use a more or less standard extra firm tofu block deep fried. At Saigon Deli they cut it much thinner, season the tofu heavily, and fry it so that the outside is flaky and the inside is moist. It's much closer to the more typical chicken or pork báhn mì than what you are probably used to. And its much better. Adding the egg is definitely the wise choice.

The atmosphere is fine and the service is super quick. If you are taking the sandwich to go, you can be in and out in 5 minutes for under $5. I've yet to do better in terms of value in the neighborhood.

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