Zombies on Bikes

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Zombieviridae invaded the town of Cambridge. Everyone is infected except for XXX and YYY. They have been biking all night to get away from zombies. They are very tired and try to hide behind a tree. They meet Kunle behind the tree, who tells them that the only reason that they have not been infected is because they bike. Kunle's cargo bike is filled with bikes, which XXX and YYY start giving to zombies. Although confused at first, zombies start riding bikes. As they bike, their bodies return to normal states (i.e. the wind peeling the rotten skin; missing arms growing back).

(Alternative ending: Zombies can't walk very fast but they can actually bike fast and, as a result, they catch the kids. Just kidding.)


Scene 1

  • Narration explaining how people in Camberville have turned into zombies (perhaps, the girl's voice for the narration?). There is one girl who remains to be a human.
  • The narration goes over 3 sets of scenes: 1) zombies walking around and being scary at night 2) the girl biking away from zombies 3) a mysterious man (Kunle) dodging a zombie.

Scene 2

  • The girl is tired, covered in sweat. She turns into pika's backyard and gets off her bike in front of the tree.
  • Part of Kunle's cargo bike is seen by the bike garage. As the girl sits down, Kunle shows up from behind the tree.
  • The girl jumps up and stares at Kunle. Kunle grins and says "You know why we haven't turned into zombies?" The girl cautiously shakes her head. Kunle, with a big grin on his face, says "It's because we bike." Closeup of Kunle's smile should be recorded. (Think of sound effects here.)
  • The girl seems a little confused. Kunle continues: "If we give bikes to zombies," he looks over to his cargo bike full of bikes, "we can perhaps bring them back to life."
  • The girl looks hesitant for a sec but then, she's determined. She gives one slow nod.

Scence 3

  • A second later, she's startled by a group of zombies coming down Pika's driveway.
  • She and Kunle start handing out the bikes to zombies in front of the bike garage. Zombies should be going for braaains until the girls hands over the bikes.
  • Zombies should stop saying brains and look confused (i.e. tilt heads).Slowly, they put their hands on the handles and get on the saddles.
  • Once the girl and Kunle finish handing out the bikes, they should get on their own bikes.
  • When some zombies get on the bikes, the girl and Kunle should start biking away through the driveway onto the street. Zombies to follow (look a bit clumsy at first)

Scene 4(This will be the most time-consuming scene)

  • Zombies bike down the street or park or parking space, wherever is most convenient for filming. We need to peel off bits and pieces of the makeup as we bike (closeup shots will be the easiest).
  • Zombies start smiling.

Scene 5

  • Happy bike ride down the street. Maybe we'll use the CM footage.


The movie should make people giggle a little bit (at least) and feel happy after watching it. It should have a fast tempo, going from a sluggish/dark mood to an upbeat atomosphere.


  • 1-2 healthy people
  • Kunle (sp?)
  • >4 zombies
  • 1 gorilla?


  • 1-1.5 minutes (ideally 60 seconds)
  • We will have 1-2 video cameras, so we'll need to retake each scene several times from different angles.
  • We also need at least 5 seconds before and after the actions begin and stop for each scene, where actors keep the first and last poses.


  • 2010-07-07: Meeting at pika/practice makeup/test latex allegy/Rob's cameras/Peter's solo scenes (eating rotten things?)
  • 2010-07-10 (tentative):
  • It's going to rain in the morning. We'll start shooting once the rain stops around 1PM.
    • 12:50PM: photo session to keep record of everyone's outfits/settings
    • 1PM: happy biking scene around pika
    • 1:45PM: put on make-up
    • 1:45PM: shoot footage for kunley/the girl talking about the cure for zombies
    • 2:45PM: random zombie scenes (eating rotten things, chasing the kids, arms falling off)
    • 3:30PM: give zombies bikes/zombies start riding bikes scenes
    • 3:50PM: zombies losing its zombieness (partially zombified zombies on bikes)
    • 4:50PM: wrap-up


  • Liquid latex (be sure to remove hair from the area where you apply latex)
  • Elmers Glue/PVA Glue (for latex allergy people)
  • Red/blue/white/brown make-up
  • Red coloring/corn syrup/cocoa powder for blood
  • Spirit Gum for attaching large objects
  • Candle for broken bone
  • Phone cables or rubber tubing for arteries
  • Stringy vegetables: "when soaked in blood, dried, and painted with latex, asparagus looks a lot like flesh"
  • Water spray for sweat
  • Makeup/Glue removers/soap/vaseline/oil
  • Alcohol or spirit gum remover to clean the area where you apply spirit gum
  • Clothes that can become dirty/stained
  • Adhesive tape (one for medical use)


  • Video camera
  • Normal camera (to record people's oufit/sceneray in case if we need to redo any shots)
  • Tripod
  • Bikes
  • Cargo bikes

--- To Procure

  • red food coloring
  • tapes?

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