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This is an outline for a hands-on workshop on Zotero adapted (loosely) from the support documentation organization on Zotero's support page.

  • Getting stuff into Zotero
  • Organizing documents
    • Collections
    • Tagging
      • Sorting
    • Searching
      • Basic searching
      • Advance searching
      • Saved searching
    • Adding notes
  • Output and exporting (there are many output styles)
    • Drag and drop quick copy
    • Right-click to create bibliography
    • Export subsets
    • Generate reports
    • Integration with Openoffice/Word
    • Generate timelines
  • Advanced Features
    • Searching PDFs (look in preferences to add software which can be done automatically)
    • Adding PDFs directly - Drag and drop works, or "store copy of file"
    • Duplicate detection
  • Synching
  • New Features