10 plagues

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Items that are bolded are both claimed and confirmed.


1. plague of blood

  • Shakshuka (Molly and Noah)
  • blood oranges (Mika and Ari)


2. plague of frogs

  • an attempt at toad in the hole although making it kosher for passover will require creativity
  • neopolitain - layers of zucchini and then basil legs (Molly and Noah
  • French onion soup (with a matzoh ball instead of the traditional bread) (Molly and Noah)


3. plague of lice or gnats

  • molly suggests 'something green with crunchy things in it
  • stuffed grape leaves?
  • Quinoa (Wikipedia describes this as all of the dust in egypt turning to lice) (Done at the Acetarium)


4. plague of flies/wild animals


5. plague of pestilence

  • pesto-lence (Acetarium will make sundried tomato pesto jacket potatoes)


6. plague of boils

  • A low country boil (e.g., [1]) with potato, onion, and artichoke (Acetarium)
  • the eggs in the Shakshuka? (will happen anyway)
  • spherical olives?
  • spotted dick w/ matzah meal


7. plague of hail

  • shaved ice (e.g., with some sort of fruit sauce) (as a palate cleanser) (something from the El Bulli water menu?)
  • Jalapeno poppers - prepped before fried during dinner (Molly and Noah)


8. plague of locusts

  • ants on a log w/ almond or cashew butter (Ben Schwartz)
  • "locust" is homographic to "barge" in Hebrew (arbeh, arbah). Something on a barge?


9. plague of darkness


10. Death of the firstborn

  • an early harvest wine, to wash down the meal

structure (not a plague - despite whatever the sociologists may say)


  • locusts on a log
    • Celery
    • Almond/Cashew Butter
    • Rasin
  • pesto-lence(?)
    • Pesto
    • Lence
  • hail poppers
    • Jalapeno
    • Batter
    • filling (cheese? Wasabi?)
    • mako's deep fryer
  • dragon fruit/blood orange
    • simple, maybe we can do something more creative


  • Shakshuka
    • tomatoes + Spices
    • eggs
  • Low Country Boil
    • lots o' vegetables
  • frogs (neopolitains/french onion)
  • quinoa lice
    • quinoa
    • something green? (Kale?)


  • darkness chocolate covered brownies
  • firstborn wine
    • whine