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This page is for the residents of the Bibliomansion.


List of "Bugs": Bibliomansion/Bugs

before moving in[edit]

  • DONE (2015-10-26): review and sign the lease
  • DONE (2015-10-26): pay security deposit (Mika) and first month rent (Bryan)
  • DONE (may change later): assign rooms
There are 4 bedrooms (three on 1st + one of 3rd floor), a dining room (2nd floor), and a living room (2nd floor).
Decide which extra room will be the common/guest room.
Room Pros Cons Comments
Small room (1st floor) (Probit) Probably cheapest. Wood floor. Smaller than the other rooms. Small windows. Has a closet. Next to the front door and the bathroom.
Medium size room (1st floor) (Logistic) Has glass doors facing the first floor balcony. Wood floor. May be cold during the winter? Has a closet? Next to the bathroom.
Big room (1st floor) (Maximum Likelihood) Large. Has glass doors to the first floor balcony. Wood floor. The access to the laundry room is only through this room. Could be used as a common room/library. Has a closet.
Medium size room (3rd floor) (Poisson) Has a nice bathroom with a bathtub. Has a fireplace. Has a walk-in closet. Carpet. The access to the roof is only through this room. Far from the front door. Could be used as a common room/library. Sliding door.
  • decide rent division
Divide equally for the first month and discuss further when we are all in town at the end of November?
  • set up:
  1. internet (see below)
  2. electricity
  3. gas
  4. water
  5. garbage/recycling pickup. Ask for containers too.
2-5 can be set up on the city's utility website?
  • DONE: get the maintenance person's info
His name is Sergey, number is 253-797-3704

after moving in[edit]

  • set up an electronic transfer to the landlord for rent. Pavel will let us know the account number.
  • DONE: make sure that the front door lock works.
  • house projects!
weekly dinner?
grow hops and brew beer!
books recommended by Kit (Mako's brother): "Radical brewing" by Randy Mosher and "For the Love of Hops" by Stan Hieronymus
  • Don't forget to...
update voter registration district
register for USPS mail forwarding (online or at post office)
register for UPS "my choice" shipping controls (for your name)
change bank/credit-card billing addresses
update shipping addresses (eg, for subscriptions, paypal)
  • get internet!
will recommended comcast business
Verizon: not available (region)
Cascadelink: not available (condo/apmnt buildings only)
WaveG/CondoInternet: not available
Reallyfast: not available
Note: M&M own a cable modem
  • get renter's insurance.
  • get fire extinguisher.
Provider Bandwidth Cost Notes
Comcast 75/5 mbps $50 (1yr)
Comcast 150/10 mbps $60 (1yr) $10 self-install. Native IPv6
Comcast 250/20 mbps $110 (2yr)
Comcast Business 50/10 mbps $110 No caps; no 'turbo boost' flow shaping; stable ip; SLA (they have to call you the day before any interruption)
Comcast Business 75/15 mbps $150 No caps
Comcast Business 100/20 mbps $200 No caps; $20/month static IP, or 5 for $25/month
Wave Cable 100/5 mbps $45 (1yr) 300 GB cap
Wave Cable 100/10 mbps $70 (1yr) 1 TB cap
CenturyLink 100/? mbps $70 (1yr) Same up-front costs and install date as 1000gbps
CenturyLink 1000/1000 mbps $110 (1yr) $20 activation; $100 modem; $60 setup; Nov 18th earliest; "non-commerical" and "no servers" TOS

(NB: 1000GB/month is about 3mbps continuous) (some Comcast info from

  • house cleanup
M&M have a good carpet vacuum.



  • rent
  • utility payment (L pays electricity; others pay Lucy| M&M sends a check on behalf of Nikita for garbage etc? ; others pay M&M?)


  • N: B; D: M; J: M; F: L ; M: W
  • Pay L for the application fees and electricity fees.
  • MM will pay other fees; other pay MM.


  • Bryan has paid $4000 for the Nov rent.
  • Lucy has paid $200 in application fees
  • Mika has paid $4000 for the Dec rent.

(* Mika has paid $4000 for the security deposit. We'll deal with this only if we don't get the whole amount back at the end of rental?)


Hardwick's has some nice benches which could go inside the front door for shoe changing. $90-100, unfinished. Also some smaller (lower) unfinished bookshelves.

UW surplus place is great for cheap large sturdy metal bookshelves, on the cheap. Also maybe a microscope.

There are some LED lights, but still a lot of halogens around, which will probably suck a lot of power. B bought some small LED replacements to experiment with in bathrooms; haven't gotten anything yet for rail-mounted lights. Cost of electricity for one year could justify upgrades for these bulbs ("3hr a day"), and maybe others.

we have 5 CFLs. Mika (talk) 18:33, 30 October 2015 (EDT)

Curtain and external closet for the big bedroom (M&M will get it). Mika (talk) 12:48, 2 November 2015 (EST)

See separate page for the Bibliomansion/EspressoMachine.


  • (I've boldly nicknamed the rooms to help talk about them here. I'm not attached to the names.) My suggestion is to use Poisson as an office and reading room and as a guest room. The room has the most light, it's own bathroom, and is on the way to the roof deck. Having it as shared space means we'll have common space that is not part of the giant open room on the second floor which can be used for quiet work or reading while others are eating, cooking, or hanging out. It also means that the roof will be more accessible since it will not involve walking through folks room and that the fancy bathtub is available to everybody in the house. The room also has tons of light and a fireplace and would be a fantastic reading space. I also like that it would make all the bathrooms fully shared. The downside to this is that the laundry will be through ML (which will be somebody's room) but I suspect that it's easier to shift around when one does laundry to match somebody's sleep schedule than it is shift around when one wants to hang out on the roof which will more frequently be at night. In that situation, it seems that M&M and B&L will take ML and Logistic (I have no real preference) and W would take Probit. I won't be upset if we do things differently but that's my current thinking. —mako 10:40, 30 October 2015 (EDT)
I like the names. I'm ok with either room being a common/guest room. We can also try out one idea and switch if it's not working out? Mika (talk) 12:38, 30 October 2015 (EDT)
I was thinking that Poisson(3) would be cramped as a guest with a bed/futon plus chairs, but looking at it today I think it would be ok. Futon probably best. There is a huge closet up there, not sure if we'll find good use for that communally. An appeal of ML(1L) as common space to me is that there is lots of room for projects and tools (electronics, sewing, bikes, anything wood or drilling or painting); we don't have a garage or basement, and it's often wet outside even under the car port. I'd in particular like to have an electronics desk somewhere with microscope; I think there might be enough room up in Poisson(3). L also, eg, paints. Carpet is bad to have around any liquids or food or tiny parts; we could just be careful or put down a mat though. I assume we'll have a standing desk and maybe table in the 2nd floor common space, maybe that'll be enough. —bnewbold 17:17, 30 October 2015 (EDT)
Could we make the cartport more rainproof? Maybe tarps? Mika (talk) 18:39, 30 October 2015 (EDT)
  • Splitting even the most expensive Internet 5 ways would be reasonable. I don't think we need something that is that fast but what we get for half the price is much less than half as good. I'm completely OK with anything. —mako 10:46, 30 October 2015 (EDT)
The fiber is very appealing to me because it's so rarely an option, but I also don't want to wait, and it is expensive. If we do Comcast now we'll have something ASAP; after one year the price with them would go up, so that would be a good time to switch, and we could start the fiber install a month early so there is no gap. I have a reasonable need for internet the second week of Nov for video calls. B+L also own a cable modem. —bnewbold 17:17, 30 October 2015 (EDT)
  • Bike shed. We can set up a bike rack in the carport - though we may want to keep the carport for guest parking. If not under the carport, we can park in the backyard? Mika (talk) 18:39, 30 October 2015 (EDT)
All I know is that if we get a bikeshed we should paint it Mauve, with an eggshell finish. —bnewbold 20:41, 30 October 2015 (EDT)