Bike tour/Sep 2017

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We took a train to Spokane and biked back to Everett via Grand Coulee Dam and Twisp, with the goal to end at Downtown Banya (but they were closed!).

The map is here. Mostly flat but there is one big pass (Washington Pass) and one smaller pass (Rainy Pass). Super pretty ride. We'll amend the route into Everett as it is quite steep towards the end.

To Remember[edit]

  • I forgot my tanktop.
  • Mako took a wrong helmet.
  • We had just about the right amount of food.
  • Mako got a bulging bump on his tire.
  • We got some free wood lefovers at some campsites.
  • Although the official park site said no water, we had water at Goodall Campground. We also saw lots of salmon!
  • No store between Mazama and Newhalem. The general store in Newhalem closes exactly at 5PM.
  • Some logging trucks.
  • There were some parts where we had no shoulder from Darrington to Arlington.
  • The side road from Marblemount towards Darrington was one of the best roads we've taken. We saw 3 cars during this hour-long ride.
  • No store between Marblemount and Darrington.
  • Downtown Banya was closed for 2 days!
  • Grand Coulee Dam tours every 2 hours but the tour starts on the other side of the water from the visitor center. We missed the tour but we got to see some good movies about the dam (played at request before 3PM).

Packing List[edit]

This packing list is based on Sep 2015 packing list.



  • phone
  • wallet
  • Sony DPT-S1 (charged!)
  • USB cord (from work!)
  • minimal bathroom shower kit
  • ready: 2x 24oz water bottle
  • ready: book light
  • ready: headlight
  • ready: pack towel
  • DONE (Mika's wallet): $200 cash


  • long underwear (top and bottom)
  • t-shirts (x2)
  • pants (x1)
  • underwear (x1)
  • wool socks (x3)
  • normal shoes (386g)) or flip flops (240g)
  • wool sweater
  • Debian buff
  • sunglasses
  • ready: cycling jerseys (ibex + EFF)
  • ready: cycling shorts (bib shorts); and second pair (underwear shorts?)
  • ready: shorts (x1)
  • ready; knee pad
  • ready: arm warmers + leg warmers
  • ready: gloves (1x full; 1x short cycling gloves)
  • ready: cycling hat
  • ready: parka


  • phone
  • wallet
  • night-guard!
  • packed: USB cord and adapter
  • packed: heat packs
  • packed: toiletries
  • packed: ibuprofen


  • packed: pack towels x1
  • ready: long-sleeve cycling jersey x1
  • ready: cycling bibs x1
  • FORGOT TO PACK: tanktop x1
  • packed: thin Uniqlo Airism inner shirt
  • packed: raincoat
  • packed: long tights x1
  • packed: t-shirts x2
  • packed: pants
  • packed: underwear
  • packed: wool socks
  • packed: wool sweater
  • packed: knee pads
  • packed: normal shoes
  • packed: arm warmers (*didn't use it this time)
  • packed: hat
  • packed: down jacket
  • packed: down vest
  • packed: down coat bag to put all warm stuff in
  • headlight



  • one small bike lock * it is tricky to lock both of our bikes but we only need it once.
  • wall charger for USB
  • USB cords (x2)
  • ready: plastic bags (x3)
  • ready: AAA batteries (x3)
  • ready: first aid kit (bandaid, alcohol gel, antibiotic ointment, ibuprofen) * We didn't need it but maybe we should always bring benedryl and allergy cream just in case.
  • ready: tissue
  • ready (in Mika's bag): pen

Bike Stuff/Tools:

  • presta to schrader adapter
  • extra tube (26x1.5)
  • patch kit
  • Leatherman
  • extra links of chain for the skinny 9speed chain
  • (one ready): light-USB adapter (x2)
  • ready: Alien II tool
  • ready: portable air pump
  • ready: Shrader to presta adapter
  • ready: tire levers
  • ready (need to cut): electrical tape
  • ready (need to cut): duct tape
  • ready: zip ties (x3-4)
  • ready: packing straps (x2)
  • ready: coupler tool


  • fuel(20oz container, full)
  • ready: nalgene canteen x1
  • packed: water filter * We almost needed it as most campsites had reduced resources. They said no water online but there was still water at Goodall.
  • ready (divide): tent + ground cloth * Ground sloth lost a piece during our last trip...still ok but replace when convenient.
  • ready: cooking pot and mugs set
  • packed: small wooden rice scooper
  • ready: utensils
  • ready: stove
  • ready: toilet paper
  • ready: egg carrier
  • ready (in Mika's bag): bug spray * We did not bring this this time.
  • ready (in Mika's bag) sunscreen
  • ready (in Mika's bag)small cannister of Dr. Bronners for washing dishes
  • ready: normal matches; weatherproof matches
  • ready: tiny sponge or similar to clean dishes
  • ready: awesome camp light



  • salt and pepper
  • hot sauce
  • canola oil
  • hot chocolate
  • non-caffeinated tea bags


  • 1 package spicy/salty dried fava beans * bring more next time!
  • 1 can mixed nuts
  • ~15 candies
  • 6 mini granola bars * we almost never finish granola bars but I guess it's good to have them just in case.
  • 2 oatmeal bar packages
  • picked up a small bag of trail mixed along the way

Breakfast #1

  • instant oatmeal packages x2
  • eggs x4 (picked up en route)

Dinner #1

  • couscous 2 cups *too much couscous; 1-1.5 cups should be enough.
  • spices (cumin, cayenne, paprika) mixed into couscous
  • powder mushroom broth
  • freeze dried okra
  • freeze dried kale
  • TVP
  • butter 1TBSP

Breakfast #2

  • pancake mix *basically followed this recipe.
  • egg (picked up)

Dinner #2

  • brown rice 1 cup * this was a perfect amount
  • 4 Japanese curry cubes
  • freeze dried mixed veggies
  • freeze dried tofu

Breakfast #3

  • instant oatmeal x2
  • Justin's almond butter and peanut butter packages