Bike tour/Sep 2020 Olympics

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This is a last-minute Plan B after Yakima route looked too high smoke/fire risk.

Overall Route[edit]

route plan <- we need to modify to make sure we take smaller roads whenever it makes sense to do so.

Proposed Schedule[edit]


Home -> abandoned campground near Brown Creek Campground (75 mi, 2500 ft)

  • Seattle to Fauntleroy (14.4 mi via Alki Beach trail)
  • Ferry (Faunteleroy to Southworth): 8:15AM or 9:55AM. Takes 40 minutes.
  • Southworth to Brown Creek Campground: 60 mi, 2150 ft

Note: Brown Creek Campground's last day of the season is 9/20.

  • Breakfast: home
  • Lunch: bring/pick up
  • Dinner: camp food


Brown Creek Campground -> Coho Campground (53.5 mi, 2400 ft)

Option to stay in a yurt at the campground. Another option is to go all the way to Willaby Campground (~83 miles/3300ft).

Note: We could check out Vance Creek Bridge; bring locks and lock the bikes at the trailhead?

  • Breakfast: camp food
  • Lunch: bring from home? (won't really pass any towns? could stop Matlock General Store)
  • Dinner: camp food


Coho Campground -> South Beach Campground (65 mi, 1750 ft)

South Beach and Kalaloch Campground are both on the water but they are popular. SB is walk-ins only and Kalaloch takes reservations but all are filled? Not clear from the website what happens after the peak season (Sep 16) but nothing is reservable until next year. [TODO] Call Kalaloch to see if it's now all walk-ins, the campground is closed for the season, or all sites are taken.

There seems to be a commercial campsite/lodge there too? Kalaloch Lodge [TODO]: call the gov to confirm whether their campsites are closed/walk-ins only now. If the gov campsites are closed, let's reserve a group site at this lodge?

If nothing is available at South Beach or Kalaloch when we get there, we will need to bike 22 more miles to Cottonwood Campground. Around there, there are a few campsites and they should be FCFS but check. These sites are not on the water.

The next beach campsite is Mora Campground, which is also reservable but maybe the peak season is over and the campground is closed? This would be an extremely long day, probably doesn't make sense.

  • Breakfast: camp food
  • Lunch: pick up at Northshore Grocery?
  • Dinner: camp food


Kalalock or South Beach (or Cottonwood) to Lake Crescent Lodge (or nearby lodging) (71 mi, 2100 ft)

NOTE: Original plan was Sol Duc. Sol Duc Campground is available for reservation here. Sol Duc Lodge entirely booked for the whole week. Only Lodge guests can use any of the hot springs or the restaurant, even for take-out, and general store is closed. So campsite situation is basically like self-supported camping (maybe water+showers, have not checked).

  • Breakfast: camp food
  • Lunch: pick up in Forks?
  • Dinner: camp food or meal at lodging


(MM meetings in AM, need wifi/indoors)

Heavy rain forecast to start this day.

Proposed plan is to stay indoors all day, read a book, maybe hike or walk around. Stay two nights in same location (near Lake Crescent). Could be weather dependent, eg could move on to Pt Angeles area in afternoon.

Regional outdoor camping options this night (will probably not do this): Sol Duc to Heart O' Hill Campground (47 mi, 2800 ft) OR Dungeness Campground (65 mi, 1700 ft)

  • Breakfast: around lodging (?)
  • Lunch: around lodging (?)
  • Dinner: around lodging (?)


Another heavy rain day.

From Lake Crescent, ~24 miles to Olympic Hot Springs, then ~20 miles on to Pt Angeles area, stay indoors.

Details about Olympic Hot Springs detour (in the rain):

Presumably several motels/options in Pt Angeles area. Want to minimize riding in rain this day.

AirBNB option just outside Port Angeles: Airbnb just outside of Port Angeles

  • Breakfast: ???
  • Lunch: pick up at Granney's cafe or Port Angeles?
  • Dinner: camp food


Mika has meeting from 12-2PM (and ideally 10:30-11:30AM also.

Still rainy, but less so than previous days. Forecast hard to predict. Several options at this point.

  • Everybody but Mika could bike all the way to Seattle ferry (86 miles) in less rain (but still some rain)
  • Could visit Dungeness point, then camp outdoors Friday night or in a motel (Sequim?) any number of locations
  • Could stay all together as group or split up

Leland Lake? No water at Leland Lake. Not many great options that are bikable in 3-4 hours from Dungeness? Resort at Port Ludlow, Hood Canal Grand Cottages...

Dungeness Campground (short day)?

  • Breakfast: ?
  • Lunch: ?
  • Dinner: ?


If not already, on to Home! (Brainbridge ferry)

  • Breakfast: campfood

forcasts for north/east penninsula:

 port angeles:
 pt townsend: