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This page is for planning our ride back to Seattle.

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To remember for future trips[edit]

  • sleeping bag in the red trash can in the basement.
  • egg container is a little broken.
  • blue camping "cup" has a crack and it needs to be replaced.
  • finding routes that have alternate roads nearby (ideally paved) is important. OSM has both road types and quality information!
  • having some full rest days to explore places is good.
  • more wool underwear
  • aim for 45-65 miles/day.
  • 10+% climb for more than a km is rough on fully-loaded bikes (i.e. Manton to Shingleton).
  • we changed plans as we went (i.e. skipped Lemolo)



  • We leave Palo Alto on 6/22 (Sat).
  • We leave Ose's on 6/29 (Sat).


  • Section 1 (Davis to Applegate)
  • Option 1) 6/22-27 (5.25 days)
  • Option 2) 6/23-27 (5 days); arrive at Ose's on 6/22 and spend a whole day on 6/23.
  • Section 2 (Applegate to Bend/near Bend)
  • Option 4) 6/29-7/1 (3 days)
  • Option 5) 6/29-7/2 (4 days)
  • Section 3 (Bend/near Bend)
  • Option 6) TBD departure date; 3 days from Bend to Portland via Warm Spring Reservation and Bagby
  • Option 7) TBD departure date: 3 days from Sisters (outside of Bend) to Portland via Breitenbush and Bagby
  • Option 8) TBD departure date: 4 days from Bend to Portland via Belknap, Breitenbush, and Bagby


Day 1: June 22nd (Sat)[edit]

  • [Bike] home → San Jose Diridon [~17mi]
  • [Train] Amtrak SJC → Davis: 8:15am from San Jose Diridon Station
    • Arrives at 10:50am
    • Other Trains leaving SJC at: 10:10AM, 1:05PM (trip time: ~2.5 hours)
    • tickets must be purchased in advance [DONE]
    • There are bike cars that don't requires a special ticket (like Caltrain)[1]
  • [Stop] Visit UC Davis
  • [Stop] Bicycle Museum
  • [Bike] Davis → Dunnigan (~28mi)
  • [Stay] Motel 6 Dunnigan (reservation: [DONE])


  • Brunch: in Davis @ Konditorei Austrian Pastry (Davis); Cafe Bernando
  • Dinner in Dunnigan: Taqueria La Michoacana (open 8am-6pm on weekends only); only other options are fast food and a 24h Denny's

Backup Options:

  • [Bike] Davis → Woodland, CA [~12mi]
  • Stay in Woodland in hotel/model [Several options]

Day 2: June 23rd (Sun)[edit]

  • [Bike] Dunningan to Corning (~76 miles)
  • [Stay] Super 8 by Wyndham, Corning (reservation [DONE])


  • Breakfast in Dunningan (Denny's?)
  • Lunch: (a) best bet will be El Cazador in Princeton (~40mi); there are a bunch of options in Colusa (~27mi); several supermarket options along the way
  • Dinner: Los Costeños if we stay on Solano; Amigos De Acupulco if we stay south near the Holidy Inn

Alternate options have us stop in Orland and come up parallel to I5. This is a very different route but might be a little shorter:

  • [Stay] Orland Inn or Orland Motel or The Parkway RV Resort & Campground (a bit out of the way; $35 for tent sites)
  • Lunch: A bunch of choices in Williams (42 miles to Orland); Mimi's Taco in Maxwell (33 miles to Orland; no restaurant after this until Willows) or a bunch of choices in Willows (16 miles to Orland)
  • Dinner in Orland: El Vaquero (11am-10pm; right next to Orland Inn); Taqueria Don Sammy (9am-9pm); La Corona Mexican Restaurant (7am-9pm)

Day 3: June 24th (Mon)[edit]

  • [Bike] Corning to Manton/Shingletown. [~70 miles; 4442 ft; from Manton to KOA is steep; ~2100ft in 12 miles]
  • [Stay] Mt. Lassen / Shingletown KOA (reservations are required [DONE])


  • Breakfast: McBrayer's Hometown Cafe (opens 5-7am); alternative if we want to get an early start, there are many options in Red Bluff (20mi)
  • Lunch: we can pick up something at the Olive Pit in Corning (opens at 7am) in Corning; several options in Red Bluff including Bud's Jolly Kone veggie burgers and several burrito options
  • Dinner: Pioneer Hillside Pizza is open until 9pm and 4.4mi from campground and there is an alternate path via Emigrant Trail that avoids the main road; alternative is camp/cooking at the KOA [🍳]

Alternate housing:

Day 4: June 25th (Tue)[edit]

  • [Bike] Shingletown to Algoma (82mi): REMOTE
  • [Stop] Subway Lava Tubes (these seem to be right near the road; 27.5mi from KOA) [Maybe?]
  • [Stop] Burney Falls Waterfall [54.6mi]
  • [Stay] Algoma Campground

Algoma Campground has no reservations, a vault toilet, and no water (but the appears to be a river so we can make it).


  • Breakfast: Cook at KOA [🍳]
  • Lunch: Snacks at Burney Falls including stuff we get at the general store which has "basic grocery items"
  • Dinner: Bartle Lodge (3.3mi from Algoma; open 7am-8pm)

Day 5: June 26th (Wed)[edit]

  • [Bike] Algoma Campground to Yreka, CA: Potentially remote (one of the routes)
    • Option 1: North of Mt. Shasta (~63mi, much of it unpaved but hardpack)
      • Check this page which suggests that Military Pass Rd (43N19) is closed due to snow.
      • This page suggests that it's uknown if it's passable but they check soon.
    • Option 2: South of Mt. Shasta along I-5 Corridor (65mi, all paved)
  • [Stop] Pluto's Cave (only option 1) looks kinda cool!
    • "The hike from the parking lot to the cave entrance is a rocky trail .3 miles long. The interior length of the cave is 1200 feet (approx 3/4 of a mile) one way."
  • [Stay] Super 8 Yyreka (reservation [DONE])


  • Breakfast: camping [🍳] or back at Bartle (adds 7mi)
  • Lunch: If we go north of Shasta (mostly unpaved), food will be on the road; if we go along the I-5 corridor, best options might involve going into Weed
  • Dinner: Etna Brewery & Taphouse (closes at 8pm, very little is open past 9pm)

Day 6: June 27 (Thu)[edit]

  • [Bike] Yreka, CA to Alex and Malu's
  • [Stay] Alex and Malu's
  • [Do] Pick up fuel at REI in Medford!


  • Breakfast: J&D Family Diner (opens at 7am)
  • Lunch: [To Be Decided]
  • Dinner: Something with Alex and Malu!

Day 7: June 28 (Fri)[edit]


  • Breakfast: Something w/ Alex and Malu!
  • Lunch: Something w/ Alex and Malu!
  • Dinner: Something w/ Alex and Malu!

Day 8: June 29 (Sat)[edit]

  • [Bike] Alex and Malu's to River Bridge Campground (~73mi, 3.3kft)
  • [Stay] River Bridge Campground; first come-first served ($15)


  • Breakfast: Something w/ Alex and Malu!
  • Lunch: Pizza at the Cove; a few other options (i.e.Mac's Diner; Miguel's Family Mexican Restaurant) in the same town (Shady Cove; 45.4 miles from Ose's; 27.5 miles to River Bridge Campground).
  • Dinner: cook at camp [🍳]

Day 9: June 30 (Sun)[edit]

  • [Bike] River Bridge Campground to Budget Inn Chemult via Crater Lake (72mi, 5.7kft)
  • [Stop] See Crater Lake!
  • [Stay] Lemolo Koa Chemult Budget Inn Chemult (reservation [DONE])


  • Breakfast: cook at camp [🍳]
  • Lunch:
Option 1) Rim Village Cafe and Shop (45 miles from River Bridge Campground) or;
Option 2) Crate Lake Lodge Dining (less casual; 32 miles from RBC) or;
Option 3) Shops/restaurants at Mazama Campground (26 miles from RBC)
  • Dinner: cook at camp [🍳]

Day 10: July 1 (Mon)[edit]

  • [Bike] Budget Inn Chemult to Paulina Lake (74mi, 3.8k ft): REMOTE
  • [Stay] Paulina Lake Campground (reservation [DONE])
  • [Stop] Hot Springs! Just north of the camp ground along the shore trail by Little Crater Campground (~3mi from our campground)


  • Breakfast: cook at camp [🍳]
  • Lunch:
Option 1) Manley's Tavern (34 miles from Lemolo Lake) or;
Option 2) Guy's BBQ (right next door) or cook on our own. Not much else along this scenic route.
  • Snack: I suggest a couple breaks on this long day. Perhaps right before we start the 13 mile climb to Paulina Lake (some shops on Route 97).
  • Dinner: cook at camp [🍳]

Day 11: July 2 (Tue)[edit]

  • [Stop] Visit Big Obsidian Flows
  • [Bike] Paulina Lake to Bend (40mi, all downhill)
  • [Stay] Rainbow Motel Bend (reservation [DONE])

Seems like maybe a brewery tour would be in order:

  • Deschutes Tasting Room has tour! (-6pm); alternatively, [Deschutes Brewery Bend Public House] has food (-11pm)
  • Immersion (-10pm)
  • Crux Fermentation Project spectacular (-11pm)
  • Sunriver Brewing Co Galveston Pub (-11pm)
  • AVID Cider Co (right next to Immersion, -10pm)
  • Tons more! We should look into finding out what's good!


  • Breakfast: cook at camp [🍳]
  • Lunch: Lunch in Bend
  • Dinner: Beer and snacks in Bend!

Day 12: July 3 (Wed)[edit]

Note: There appears to be a small store at Belknap Lodge but no food, coffee, etc. I think we're on our own for cooking. Meals:

NOTE: Pick up lunch for Day 13 and Day 14 in Bend/Sisters as there's nothing between Belknap and Detroit and it'll be 7/4; also, nothing between Breitenbush and Bagby
Option 1) Get something in Sisters and eat it somewhere beautiful along the way OR eat in Sisters (22 miles from Bend; The Open Door (closed on Sundays);
Option 2) Food Cart Garden (opens at 11AM; closed on Tuesdays);
Option 3) The Cottonwood Cafe (opens at 7AM);
Option 4) The Depot Cafe (opens at 11AM on weekdays; 8AM on weekend; closed on Tuesdays)
  • Dinner: camp cooking [🍳]

Day 13: July 4 (Thu)[edit]

  • [Bike] Belknap to Breitenbush (~66mi, 3.5k ft): REMOTE
  • [Stay] Breitenbush Hot Springs (reservation is in Mika's name [DONE])


  • Breakfast: camp cooking [🍳]; option 2: Belknap Lodge serves a continental breakfast but no idea when it starts and I think it requires staying in the lodge...
  • Lunch: Bring food (pick up in Sisters the day before; shops will be probably closed). Snack pickup in Detroit.
  • Dinner: Vegetarian meal included in Breitenbush price (6-7pm)
  • Snacks: A small shop in Detroit

Day 14: July 5 (Fri)[edit]

  • [Bike] Breitenbush to Bagby Hot Springs (42 miles; 2300ft climbing): REMOTE
  • [Stay] Camping at Bagby (first come, first served)


  • Breakfast: Vegetarian meal included in Breitenbush price (8-9am)
  • Lunch: Bring food; there's nothing between Breitenbush and Bagby. Perhaps pick up in Sisters/Bend 2 days before.
  • Dinner: cook at camp [🍳]

Day 15: July 6 (Sat)[edit]

  • [Bike] Bagby to Portland (73 miles; 1200 climbing; mostly downhill)
  • [Stay] Portland: Ask Alana? Erik? Someone else? [To Be Decided]


  • Breakfast: cook at camp [🍳]
  • Lunch:

Option 1) The Cazadero (40.7 miles) or; Option 2) Eagle Creek Saloon (44.4 miles)

  • Dinner: Something awesome in Portland! And beer!

Day 16: July 7 (Sun)[edit]

  • [Train] Amtrak from PDX→SEA (8:20am → 11:50am) (reservation [DONE])
  • [Flight] Flight back from Seattle for Mako (and possibly Mika too)


  • Bagby Campground is first come, first served, so we may want to get there early. 19 sites. There is another campground 5 miles from this (Kingfisher), which can be reserved.


Number of camp meals:

  • Pre-Ose: 0-1 dinners (depending on whether we eat Pizza in Shingleton); 1-2 breakfasts (depending on if we bike back to Bartle Lodge)
  • Post-Ose:
5 dinners (add veg and eggs to all; instant ramen x2 (1 night); Japanese curry roux x1 1/2 package + rice (1 night); BTB chick'n + couscous (1 night); instant potatoes + fieldroast (1 night); stroganoff (1 night)
5 breakfasts (add eggs to all; french toast bread (2 breakfast; post Medford; post Bend); oatmeal x4 (2 breakfast); instant grits x4 (2 breakfast)
  • miso soup, hot chocolate
  • egg pickup in Mt. Lassen KOA (6 eggs); Medford (6 eggs; 1 each for each meal) and Bend (6 eggs).


  • get Mika's bib short's adjusted at the tailor
  • [DONE] send package of food to Alex and Malu's house
  • [DONE] make a collection of all our receipts
  • [DONE] finish the maps
  • [TODO] export and load maps onto phones
  • [TODO] load maps on OSMAnd and receipts on both Mika+Mako's phones and DPTS-1
  • [DONE] re-water proof the tent


  • order freeze dried food for trip
    • [DONE] dried vegetables from North Bay Trading (ordered 2019-06-02)
    • [DONE] freeze dried tofu from (ordered 2019-06-02)
  • [TODO] shopping trip to REI
    • 2-3 lightweight summer wool socks for Mako
    • [DONE] short sleeve merino wool t-shirt
  • [DONE] order sleeping bag and ground cloth
  • [DONE] order new sleeping pads
  • [DONE] wool cycling jersey for Mika (ordered 2019-06-02)

Work on Mika's bike:

  • [DONE] change the front tire on Mika's bike
  • [DONE] change the water bottle holder on Mika's bike
  • change the brake pads on Mika's bike

Work on Mako's bike:

  • [DONE] true wheels on Mako's bike (at shop)
  • [DONE] replace drive train on Mako's bike (at shop)
  • [DONE] pickup bike from summit
  • [DONE] swap pedals between the two bikes