Bike tour/Utah and Colorado (Summer 2022)/Food

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Camping Meals (5 dinners and 4 breakfasts):

  • Day 1: Knotty Pine: Liquor store and supermarkets in Kamas 9mi from camp (w/ light breakfast next morning)
  • [*] Day 2: Starvation: Hannah country store about halfway through (buy beer) (no breakfast next morning)
  • Day 4: Kenney: Many stores in Rangeley right before camping (w/ full breakfast)
  • [*] Day 5: Rifle Gap: Nothing all day (!!!) (w/ light breakfast next morning)
  • Day 6: Wolcott: Many options in Eagle 8.5mi away (w/ light breakfast next morning)

The [*] days have no place to buy things within 10mi of stopping so we should have one of the [*] meals from the menu below on those days.

Menus with ingredients:

  1. [*] Dutch stamppot: [DONE] TVP, potato, kale, broth, vinegar powder (x2) [1]
  2. [*] Stroganoff: [DONE] dried mushroom porcini, mushrooms, quick cooking noodles + stroganoff mixture
  3. Japanese curry: [DONE] rice, roux, mixed veggies, tvp [Pending] eggs
  4. orzo jambalaya: [DONE] mixed veggies, tvp, rice/quinoa, cajun spice, ketchup packets
  5. "chicken" marbella: [DONE] TVP, vinegar powdder, broth packets, couscous {{[pending}} olives


  • [DONE] oatmeal
  • [DONE] peanut butter
  • [DONE] fruits (4 packets)
  • [DONE] hot chocolate (8 packets)


  • jerky
  • [DONE] sesame sticks
  • [DONE] almonds
  • [DONE] prunes
  • [DONE] onigiri
  • [DONE] hot chocolate
  • [DONE] tea
  • miso soup
  • [DONE] various soups
  • [DONE] hot sauce
  • [TODO] salt and pepper
  • [DONE] oil