Cambridge bookstores

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This pages contains a list of bookstores with phone numbers and website information for Cambridge, Massachusetts. The idea is that this page can play a useful role if someone wants to call up a bunch of local book stores to find out if a particular book is held by any of them.

New books[edit]

Harvard Book Store:

  • Online: New books are searchable.[1] Used are not.
  • Phone: (617) 661-1515
  • Address: 1256 Massachusetts Avenue

Harvard Coop:

  • Online: No good search except for textbooks.
  • Hours
  • Address: 1400 Massachusetts Avenue
  • Phone: (617)499-2000

Porter Book Store:

  • Online: No clear way to search store inventory from website.
  • Hours: 7-9 every day
  • Address: 25 White Street
  • Phone: 617) 491-2220

MIT Coop: