Center for Extraordinary Postquarantine Dining

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Eating our way after a difficult situation.

Links and subpages[edit]

Grocery items[edit]


  • mustard (Ballard stuff)


  • Kewpie


  • Garlic
  • Cashew
  • Almonds
  • Zaatar
  • white pepper

Future thoughts[edit]


  • Babao-Style Duck Stewed in Beer
  • 鸡骨架 <- ????? D:
  • 地三鲜 + 咖喱牛肉饭
  • 🥙, 南瓜饼
  • Cantonese Stir Fried Milk (大良炒鲜奶)
  • mapo tofu (pde's amazing quarantine recipe!)
  • 荷叶包
  • Egg rolls
  • 扬州炒饭
  • 煎饼
  • 三椒煸雞
  • fuqi feipian
  • 酸辣粉
  • 千张肉丝
  • 下饭菜 (maybe 臊子蒸蛋)
  • Cantonese Braised Pomelo Skin
  • feijão tropeiro
  • maocai
  • chole kulche
  • Karepan! +1
  • shizen special rolls
  • sara-udon (not udon)
  • okinawa soba (not soba)
  • katsu curry
  • "character" bento
  • sri lankan rice dumplings
  • "tarako" spaghetti [DONE] umeboshi, konbu [TODO] amaranth, cream
  • massaman curry
  • Dum Olav
  • any number of amazing things on Bong Eats
  • Dosa [TODO] urad dhal (add to menu after we acquire urad dhal)
  • nasi padang kebab ([1] rendang and some other stuff with rice put into a grilled burrito)
  • vermont curry
  • Bubur ayam (Indonesian chicken congee) + greens [TODO] make or buy cakwe, Indonesian daun salam (Indonesian bay leaves; optional), galangal, kekap manis, toasted candlenuts (Indonesian: kemiri sangrai), or toasted macadamia nuts, peanut chili sauce (Indonesian: sambal kacang), cilantro, greens (future shopping list: * cakwe [bubur ayam] * Indonesian daun salam [bubur ayam] * galangal * kekap manis * toasted candlenuts (kemiri sangrai) or macadamia nuts * sambal kaang (peanut chili sauce))
  • Vegan Thai sausages


  • saffron pasta
  • arancini +1
  • carbonara guanciale [TODO] eggs, parmesan +1
  • calzones!!
  • shrimp scampi

Middle Eastern?[edit]

  • imam bayildi, and mint ayran [TODO] eggplant
  • pakora wrap - naan filled with onion&spinach pakora, carrot salad, onion, tamarind, raita
  • musakhan - sumac chicken with caramelized onions on flat bread
  • Karnıyarık - like İmam bayıldı but with meet
  • Caponato - Sicilian eggplant dish


  • Eggplant involtini
  • other roulade
  • smack barm pey wet
  • reuben dumplings
  • hot german potato salad
  • lazanki
  • pierogie sandwich (potato cheese pierogie, sausage, sauerkraut, and mustard on rye)
  • blini
  • kartoffel kloesse
  • hungarian paprikash
  • piroshkis!
  • semmelknödel mit soße (german bread dumplings)
  • zurek (basically white barszcz), poland
  • Griessnockerlsuppe
  • Piccalilli (british Mustard pickles)
  • scouse (lamb and beef stew)
  • okroshka (russian summer soup / salad hybrid)
  • "lutheran sushi"
  • pernod seafood bisque
  • Chushka Biurek - Bulgarian chile rellenos
  • Gyuveche - Bulgarian shakushuka

N. American/Carribbean[edit]

Latin American[edit]


  • Eguchi


  • sicilian pizza
  • st louis style pizza
  • pan pizza (?)
  • detroit style pizza

Takeout Candidates[edit]


  • monsoon
  • cafe turko
  • yalla - palestinian wraps, on denny

Future Bakes[edit]

  • apple struedel
  • Dutch Baby
  • Cardamom buns
  • Lemon bars
  • key lime pie
  • Eton mess — "In recent times, "Eton mess" has often been used by commentators in the media to describe political infighting within the UK Conservative Party over issues such as Brexit."
  • Karpatka (polish mountain cake)
    • I make the last step of filling by whipping the butter and then gradually adding cold pudding/custard. However, the way the recipe above does it seems easier and quicker. It just will not be fluffy but that’s ok.
    • Also, the pan (or parchment paper) shouldn’t be greased bc the sticky dough will be impossible to spread. I use a thick flat cookie pan (x2), no grease, take it out when golden (I don’t leave it in the oven w open door like they say above), and take the crust off ass soon as it cools of a bit. Otherwise, it gets stuck to the bottom ant it is too hard to peel it off... if that happens, you need to warm up the bottom - back in the oven or hover over stove.
    • Oh, and I use 1/2 corn or potato starch an 1/2 regular wheat flour. It give a bit more texture without tasting floury.