Coffee Roasting

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This is a basic instruction on how to use Behmor 1600 to roast coffee. There are many more options than what's described here.

  1. insert the cage, so that it is hanging from the hooks on the sides.
  2. insert the chafe collector.
  3. pre-warm: without coffee beans, press 1/4lbs, A, P1, and Start. Wait for 1 minutes 30-45 seconds and press stop.
  4. weigh the beans (we usually do 1 lb).
  5. take out the warm cage and put the beans into the cage. Insert the cage back in, so that it is hanging from the hooks again.
  6. press 1lb, A, P1, and Start. ***set the phone timer for 13 minutes***
  7. after 13 minutes and 30 seconds, we need to press start (safety mechanism).
  8. Now do one of the two following things:
    1. If you are using the coffee we ordered in September 2019, you should: press the "+" sign 8 times
    2. In any/all other situations: wait for the first crack and then press C

Other things to watch keep in mind:

  • watch out for smoke - if it smokes a lot, something is wrong, so turn it off.
  • there are sharp edges on removable parts, so be careful.
  • pressing A or B shows the temperature inside.