East coast sabbatical 2023-2024

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Mako's Packing List[edit]

Plan is to move with four bags:

  1. Big black bike box
  2. Grey rolling suitcase
  3. Grey Brompton backpack
  4. Blue hip bag

Shipping to Princeton:

  • [To Be Decided]

Big black bike box:

  • [DONE] brompton
  • [DONE] blue bike tool bag (edited)
  • [DONE] u-lock
  • [DONE] front bike lights w/ mount
  • [DONE] rear bike light
  • [DONE] helmet

Grey rolling suitcase[edit]

bathroom stuff:

  • [DONE] dramamine and scopolomine (packed? (I think?)
  • [DONE] nivea
  • <strikedeoderant (I'm out!)
  • [DONE] simple travel things (razor, bar of soap, toothpaste, nail clippers, hair stuff, etc)
  • [DONE] electric shaver (w/ oil, charger, adjustable adapter, detailer, and foil shaver)
  • [DONE] electric toothbrush with travel thing

casual clothes:

  • [DONE] 7 underwear (WEARING 1 PAIR/1 PAIR IN WASH)
  • [DONE] 7 pairs of socks (WEARING 1 PAIR/1 PAIR IN WASH)
  • [DONE] blue barefoot shoes (PLAN TO WEAR)
  • [DONE] brown zimmermanhosen (PLAN TO WEAR)
  • [DONE] black smooth zimmermanhosen
  • [DONE] finnish pants
  • [DONE] brown shorts w/ legs (can double as swimsuit)
  • [DONE] 2 wool shirts
  • [DONE] 1 wool baselayer
  • [DONE] 1 other normal t-shirt
  • [DONE] xero sandles

dress clothes:

  • [DONE] 4 best floral collared shirts (including at least 2 that will work with skinny pink tie)
  • [DONE] 1 white shirt
  • [DONE] 1 black tie
  • [DONE] 1 skinny pink tie
  • [DONE] black pinstriped suit
  • [DONE] black dress socks
  • [DONE] 1 dress belt
  • [DONE] 1 black dress shoes

exercise/outdoor clothes:

  • [DONE] new running shoes [wearing]
  • [DONE] orange watch band
  • [DONE] running shorts
  • [DONE] running tanktop
  • [DONE] packable orange backpack
  • [DONE] white running camera

warmer stuff:

  • [DONE] blue casual hoodie
  • [DONE] yellow rain gloves
  • [DONE] green coat thing
  • [DONE] buff

backpack + hipbag[edit]

  • [DONE] strechy blue hoodie
  • [DONE] goretex raincoat
  • [DONE] mariners hat

electronic stuff:

  • [DONE] micro-USB
  • [DONE] mini-USB
  • [DONE] laptop charger + USB cable
  • [DONE] additional USB-C cable
  • [DONE] portable monitor + thunder bolt cable
  • [DONE] garmin charger adapter
  • [DONE] laptop
  • [DONE] DPTS-1 reading device
  • [DONE] external keyboard
  • [DONE] the foldable laptop stand thing
  • [DONE] sunglasses (Brown ones) and the case
  • [DONE] running headphones
  • [DONE] airplane headphones
  • [DONE] business card case w/ whatever bcards I have left
  • [DONE] extra powerblock and cord for office

other stuff for blue bag:

  • [DONE] extra masks
  • [DONE] wallet
  • [DONE] pen
  • [DONE] keys

leave in seattle but pack separately on top[edit]

things to stage/pick up when i come back:

  • [DONE] running tights
  • [DONE] yellow long sleeve running shirt
  • [DONE] grey suit (for cruise) [office]
  • [DONE] brown shoes (for cruise) [office]
  • [DONE] warmer buff
  • stuff that will be useful for snowboarding?

before i go stuff[edit]

  • [DONE] toenails
  • [DONE] fix brompton handlebar
  • [DONE] audit the bike tool pouch
  • [DONE] pack bike box
  • [DONE] take out the the kitchen garbage
  • [DONE] deal w/ the gluten
  • [DONE] pack normal bag
  • [DONE] put sheets back on will's bed
  • [DONE] put sheets back on my our bed
  • [DONE] repack material in the basement
  • [DONE] finish laundry
  • [DONE] sew the finish pants
  • [DONE] empty fridge

stuff to pick up on the first trip back to seattle[edit]

  • [TODO] pack towel for after running on princeton campus
  • [TODO] big headphones for the office
  • [TODO] light gloves (liners)
  • [TODO] 1x extra pair of socks