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Our Pitch[edit]

1-800-INTERNET.com: Bridge To The Information Superhighway!

While there are increasingly large numbers of important information in websites, and while Internet access is growingly quickly, it is impossible to get this access them without an a computer, dialup modem, or a T1 line. While payphones are everywhere, and mobile phones are increasingly common, accoustic couplers are both low-speed and inconvenient.

1-800-INTERNET.com brings the Internet to those without modems -- either temporarily or permenantly. It works like this:

  • Someone calls 1-800-INTERNET.com (currently, this is at 1-877-873-2089 but we're hoping that with VC funding, we'll be able to buy the phone number from the current owner).
  • They are connected to our call center. They then tell our representatives which website they are interested in.
  • Our representative reads the website in question to the individual and retrieves whatever information they are looking for.

Best yet, and distinguishing us from 411 services from the phone company, our service is free of charge. Callers merely will be interrupted every 45 seconds with to listen to a 30 second advertisement. Even more ingeniously, we are able to charge advertisers *twice* because both the caller and the representatives are forced to listen to the advertisement.

Our Team[edit]

Samuel Klein

  • Stanford(?)

Aaron Swartz

  • Programmer/Tech Wiz
  • Stanford ('97-'98 Degree Uncompleted)

Benjamin Mako Hill

  • Designer/Tech Wiz
  • University of California, Santa Cruz

Mika Matsuzaki

  • Financed and Business Development
  • UPenn/Wharton (MBA)